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Oct 23 2009

10 words I wish I’d never see again.

So, there’s this badass French philosopher, Jacques Derrida. He’s a.. well, a writer. Nothing related to architecture. And as far as I’m concerned never even mentioned architecture in his writings. Then he came up with apparently brilliant but difficult theory of deconstruction. And there are a group of architects who read his work and one day they said,  “oh, what the heck, lets implement his theory onto our designs! Gonna be awesssssome dudeeee”

So now, I officially hate Jacques Derrrida for coming up with the theory. Because of him, deconstructivists exist and therefore, I have to learn about deconstructivism. For that reason, I have to read shit that has nothing to do with architecture in order to understand the theory of deconstructivism because I then have to write about it. Since I’m suffering to understand the highly intellectual readings that have absolutely no mercy to their readers, I have to spend more time reading it over and over again and that’s costing me a lot of time, and when I spend a lot of time on that, I’ll have less time for other things and when I have less time for other things, meaning I have less time to sleep, eat, watch movies, go to the gym, shopping, day dreaming, camwhore, date, bitching about other people, sleep, (did I say that already), have chocolates SLOWLY, facebooking, blogging and facebooking. How am I supposed to approve friend requests, reply to comments and stalk other people? Do you want me to ignore you on facebook?!  Or, leave my blog dead, unupdated? (pfft, as if that never happened before haha).


phew. now, try to reread the paragraph above, 10 times faster, OUT LOUD. :p

Deconstructivism is effing awesome nonetheless. Here are some examples of deconstructive architecture. Enjoy 🙂

Denver Art Museum, Daniel Libeskind
Denver Art Museum by Daniel Libeskind

Gugenheim Museum Bilbao by Frank gehry

Rosenthal Contemporary Arts Center by Zaha Hadid

I hope you’ll get the brief idea of what deconstructive architecture is. See, so nice of me to actually educate you. TELL ME THAT I’M NICE. SAY IT!!!

Moving on.

10. words. that. I. hate.

  1. Conceptuality
  2. ideas
  3. context
  4. Linguistic
  5. deconstruction, deconstructivism, deconstructishit
  6. nested opposition
  7. iterability
  8. controlled chaos
  9. unpredictable spaces
  10. modernism, post modernism

If I ever see any of the above words again… I’ll freaking burn the college like how our design theory lecturer burnt her village when she was six. Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.

p.s, I added header image, and edited the about page. Go check it out and tell me if you like it! HAHA.


  • myra

    omg its driving me crazy too, but please burn down taylor’s when i’m not around k? you’re actually doing us a favour by doing that 😀

  • Fawwaz

    i thought deconstructivism is some sort of destructive action to collapse the building.
    *with dynamite or something*

    the header looks nice.

    • Aisyah Post author

      oh thanks. hehe.

      and yes, u’r almost right. they do destruct the design, except they draw a building and then they ruin it by perhaps burn the paper and see what’s left and bam! deconstructive architecture! hoho.

  • khalil

    oh the deconstructivism.

    i hate the way architects crap things out with the so-called concept, philosophy, meaning and whatever. and i hate that i have to do that also. again and again.

    haha. good luck with your works.

    • Aisyah Post author

      i know, right? and seriously, they are just bullshiting, going back and forth. what the fishstick ayam goreng tul. haha.

  • tersedak seketika ketika melewati page ‘about me’.

  • your blog post is from your ideas and resulting in content.. content is the way to show context. <– i use ideas and context.. 😀

  • hmm. nak cakap kesian pun, that is the part of learning. but i’m sure, mesti satu hari nanti aisyah pun boleh buat bangunan yang pelik2 tu.

    buat kat shah alam jom! hehe.

  • ahahah.LOL
    and some of those words related to reading theory isn’t it?

  • Jamis Croydon

    First of all ‘Deconstruction’ is not a theory. It is a ‘speculation’. Pretentious assholes like Derrida and Foucault like to consider themselves ‘theorists’ because it sounds so much better than being called ‘another guy with an untested idea and some big words to intimidate people’.

    On a similar note, and in my opinion, Mr. Libeskind is not really an architect. At best, he is a fringe spectacle trafficking in the tired and puerile formalistic gobbledygook borrowed from these discredited speculations of Derrida, Foucault and other self-styled literary theorists. Deconstructivism was never more than the plaything of intellectual impostors, academic flimflammers and obscurantists trying to pass themselves off as visionary thinkers. Sadly, the movement infiltrated the architectural profession at a time when what it really needed was to recapture the meaningful relevance it had attained in the past. Libeskind, ever the calculating opportunist, embraced Deconstructivism’s utter pretentiousness as a cheap tool to distinguish himself from his more worthy and skilled peers. His incomprehensible babbling is no more than a ploy to distract from and disguise his utter inability to provide substantive detail for the crude and undeveloped drawings he inaccurately refers to as ‘designs’. He is to be credited with the spread of this barren line of inquiry through his own specious and laughable writing, an inept collection of juvenile and unrefined musings that is often mistaken by younger architects for serious architectural theory.

    Libeskind’s ‘architecture’ (if it can be called such), is smug, witless, perverted and obvious. It lacks dignity, maturity, insight, craft or development. It ignores context, proportion, scale and place. Only in the matter of self indulgence can he be said to score highly.

    • Aisyah Post author

      ohkay, chill there Mr Croydon. Well, sure, not many would agree with Derrida. I myself don’t understand much about this ambiguos deconstructivism especially on his original “theory” for literature. His ureobscurant prose on deconstructivism is said to be rather low level of philosophical argumentations and in the end, in my opinion sounds foolish and of no importance. Very little does it make sense, yes, but still doesn’t crlarify deconstructivism. in other words, it’s full of shit (and my lecturer agrees), and the reason why it spread to architecture is through Derrida’s personal relationship with Peter Eisenman.

      Sure, although Libeskind’s works mostly look like a big chunk of forms thrown on the land, and it most of the time ended up looking like a big alien structure that, yes, lacks in proportion and scale, and perhaps disrectful towards the context, in my personal opinion, (I haven’t read anything on Libeskind, yet) his work does contain aesthetic value, and very different, bold and abstract. His buildings makes it look quite uninviting due to its out of proportion scale, but the ability to intrigue, build up suspense and curiosity makes it a successful architecture. And perhaps, the disrespectful towards its context is done on purpose, as to make the building to be distinctive and prominent, contradicting to blending in, or complementing the context. Much like a piece of massive sculpture, if that’s not overated. And I think sculptural buildings are not overated, and we need more of these buildings. Not buildings that are too literal that look like leaf, hands, bike or a shoe. Afterall, architecture is an art. And art is subjective and has no absolute definition and the most agreeable definition of art is that it is the way things are done.

      Nevertheless, thank you for your rather insightful opinion. I prefer not to be bias towards anyone and I choose to be neutral, whether or not I like the architecture or architect because I have to be open as I still learning, and will never stop learning.

      Just a note though, this is purely a personal blog, and as far as I know, most of my readers are of laymen in architecture. Hence, I don’t talk about architecture in great detail here. Just a bit on the surface, more visual stuffs.

  • pheww, nice theme, you’re nice.. there, i’ve said it.. hoho, you’ll hate more words when you learn anatomy.. be grateful that you only have deconstrutivism to hate.. hoho

    • Aisyah Post author

      the reason i hate them is that the words are keep repeating over and over and over again throughout the. whole. book. and it’s gonna continue till I work. gah! and yes, those very hard to pronounce anatomy. I’ve seen my sister studying and thank god I’m in architecture! ;p

  • lulu

    your about page is as crazy as you haha.. love that header.. so original..

  • farshad

    second building in the pictures is disney consert hall in LA its simular to gugenheim 😐


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