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Oct 29 2009

the best sister in the world :)





“Let’s do mug shots!” – Aida

I love you lil’ kid. and you are the best sister in the world, too. 🙂

Oct 27 2009

Spookfest ’09

Taylor’s College, PJ. October 26.

Only architecture/design students are psychotic enough to actually do this in the middle of the day, in college. with all of other students and people of other courses just looking at us. oh well. And guess what, 3 of the lecturers also joined in! Well, Mr Kit, Mrs Sofia, and Mr Hong, you guys are the coolest lecturers!

I stayed up very late doing my research paper the night before, and so I decided to just wear casual. Then again, being me, I just couldn’t resist from doing something. For art’s sake, you know. :p

The whole day was so funny, sometimes I didn’t know who’s who cause they were wearing masks. And seeing how other people dressed up. We were very in tune with our characters all the time. Well, almost. Hiiiilaaaariouuuuus.

The foundation student conquered the best dressed award. The Joker, and Catwoman. Mrs Sofia won the best dressed in lecturer’s category. 😀

Here are some of the photos. Wanted to install lightbox but for some reason it isn’t working. So, SOME of the full sized images are after the jump. You can view more on my facebook (I don’t want to make your life easier so you have to go to about page, find the link to my facebook AND leave a message upon adding or I won’t approve. That is if you want to add me, of course. if not you can just, I don’t know, stay here, read other posts or just go out and play or something).

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Oct 23 2009

10 words I wish I’d never see again.

So, there’s this badass French philosopher, Jacques Derrida. He’s a.. well, a writer. Nothing related to architecture. And as far as I’m concerned never even mentioned architecture in his writings. Then he came up with apparently brilliant but difficult theory of deconstruction. And there are a group of architects who read his work and one day they said,  “oh, what the heck, lets implement his theory onto our designs! Gonna be awesssssome dudeeee”

So now, I officially hate Jacques Derrrida for coming up with the theory. Because of him, deconstructivists exist and therefore, I have to learn about deconstructivism. For that reason, I have to read shit that has nothing to do with architecture in order to understand the theory of deconstructivism because I then have to write about it. Since I’m suffering to understand the highly intellectual readings that have absolutely no mercy to their readers, I have to spend more time reading it over and over again and that’s costing me a lot of time, and when I spend a lot of time on that, I’ll have less time for other things and when I have less time for other things, meaning I have less time to sleep, eat, watch movies, go to the gym, shopping, day dreaming, camwhore, date, bitching about other people, sleep, (did I say that already), have chocolates SLOWLY, facebooking, blogging and facebooking. How am I supposed to approve friend requests, reply to comments and stalk other people? Do you want me to ignore you on facebook?!  Or, leave my blog dead, unupdated? (pfft, as if that never happened before haha).


phew. now, try to reread the paragraph above, 10 times faster, OUT LOUD. :p

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Oct 20 2009

*insert title here*

I wanted to blog about something but I kinda forgot about it. Like there was supposed to be lots of updates. But hmm.. never mind about that.

I wanted to blog about the people in my circle of friends and how funny the world works. Well, around me atleast. But I’m afraid that my theory is going to bore you. You guys might prefer posts on.. um.. I don’t know, funny rants or something.

Some random thing that happened today.

I was walking in my 5″ heels. Then I slipped because there was suddenly a hole in the concrete floor in college. I think somebody purposely made a hole there for me. When I slipped, I turned back and saw the hole, I screamed, “fuck that hole!” and Cindy thought I screamed in a very sexy way. I don’t quite get it. But anything sexy is good.

Okay, I don’t have any idea what else to post here. I should get a life.

p.s, Just some unnecessary thing to wonder. Who in the world would choke on an apple on a ‘first date’?

p.p.s, do you like this theme? Thanks Kreativethemes 😉

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