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Oct 14 2009

I get distracted very easily.

Do you remember my HTC pro phone?


Since it pissed me off, badly, I ditched that phone and bought a Sony Ericsson W508 for Rm650. And so far, I am very very very happy with my new phone.

And no, I did NOT buy it cause it looks so pretty. It’s very convenient to use. ;p


It’s been over a week since I bought this phone and as always it has experienced a few free falls. about 2-3 medium impacts. And exactly 4 great impact falls. And it already has a few minor scratches (because this one time it FLEW and crashed onto a rough concrete surface 1 inch away from the drain. PHEW!).


So I thought I needed a hand strap so I could hold on to it and reduce the chance of dropping it.I was really determined to get one. The first time I actually wanted to get it I totally forgot about it and bought a cardigan at Dorothy Perkins. So today,  with a sole determination, I went to a nearby mall.

As usual, I got distracted and bought a guy’s t-shirt from Giordano for MYSELF and some cute t-shirts from some random  booth in the mall. and finished all my cash.

Anyways, my parents are coming back from Korea tonight and I’m very excited! My mum told me over the phone that she bought me  a leather jacket and I REALLY hope that it’s my size. Honestly, when it comes to sizing, I really don’t trust my mum. She’ll be like, “is that really your size? You sure? Why so small?” -____-“

Oct 10 2009

Absurd Parents

So my parents are being unbelievably ridiculous. They said that I have to get married  before I’m go to Australia to further my degree and master. because they know how wild I can be sometimes so they aren’t letting me go alone.


They are freaking serious, demmit! *breathes in* *breathes out* *calms down*

So, that means, if I want to stick to my plan, to graduate by 24, that is, I must find a guy before I finish diploma. I still have 2 more years. I’ll think about it when I’m in my final year. Ok, wait. So that means I’m gonna marry someone I’ve only know about a few months?!

That means…. I have to start looking like, now? Come on, now? I’m only 19!!

Shit, I don’t want to be just a draughtsman. I want to be an Architect! My parents are so so soooooo unbelievable.

I mean, who would want to marry me? I’m kinda hot, pretty, sweet, smart, witty, crazy, and a workaholic. HAHA.

So, anyone? Must be a guy, Muslim, straight, decent job, and doesn’t have to be handsome like Ryan Reynolds or Paul Walker, but definitely not ugly. You can just email me your resume with your pictures attached.

No one?

Okay, maybe I should start collecting cats now. Buy papers to make scrapbooks for my cats. Or perhaps start knitting as well. Just, be prepared to grow old, you know.  hmm…

ps, on the good side, it’d be nice to make babies. hahah!

pps, alternatively, I could use those 2 years to earn their trust and try not to ruin it! (cause, let’s face it, I have a tendency to screwing things up).

ppps, maybe it’s not very appropriate to post this on my blog. I can always do that blog deleting again. I’m beginning like doing that.

Oct 07 2009

This week in college

October 4, 2009

Isaac, Wayne and me stayed back in studio until 1.20am in the morning to do the window display model.


We took a doll’s head from Cindy (she used the body as the mannequin for hers)

Wayne got bored and he played with the head, he tied her hair into ponytail.

Then I cut her hair.


and turned it into  a broom to sweep the model’s floor. haha.

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