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Jan 30 2010

so-called girls’ day out

WARNING: Viewing this post might cause hatred, disgust, jealousy, unintentional seduction, nausea, puking and/or also, a bad case of diarrhea due to excessive exposure of vain and irresistibly adorable photos. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Since Azima’s leaving for Australia to further her studies in about 11 days, we decided to go out and have some fun! Initially it was supposed to be a girls’ day out but we needed someone to take our photographs. ahahahaha!

From left: Azima, Asma and Aisyah. Ni muka macam mengada konon attitude tapi sebenarnya sweet tapi dalam masa yang sama agak macho dan hensem kecuali Azima yang sangat comel lote.

oh, love this picture lots! <3

candid. Notice Azima’s horny face. HAHAHAHA

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Jan 26 2010

wax and blood.

Our first assignment for Design Studio 1 is to design a pencil case using either  wood, metal, foam, rubber or wax. We didn’t get to choose the material on our own but we could always exchange it with other people. I initially wanted to do metal but changed my mind to accepting anything I get just for the thrill of not knowing and I got wax. and at that time, I had no idea what I could do with wax. It didn’t even cross my mind that candle is wax. hahah.

So anyways, this is the first stage of design process, to explore the possibilities of the material. We are not supposed to make anything yet, not supposed to make it beautiful, or represent anything at all, but to experiment and stretch the potential of wax.

Experiment 1: Casted in random metal shapes and stuck the abstract pieces together.



Experiment 2: Casted in handmade aluminum foil casing and experimented with water to create voids in the wax.



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Jan 22 2010

“it looks fresh and SUCI”

That’s what my classmate, Danang said when I showed him my blog. Yeah, the suci part memang cannot go. Ok, as always, the main, most important feature of this new design is, of course, *drum rolls*  hmm, my own picture. ahahah okay, penting tu, cannot escape. It’s true, because naturally, when I re-read my posts especially the older ones, I can’t believe that I actually wrote these so, yeah the bigass picture of me on the header will remind me that it’s mine.


This design is actually inspired when I watched the Helvetica documentary sometime ago. Yes, I wanted to design something fresh, clean and innocent, just like me. HAHAH. Perasan innocent plak tu, memang tak boleh blah. Anyhoo, I actually wanted to use the picture below, but my guts told me that I shouldn’t cause it could make people think that either I’m serious, fierce or… scary. which is partly true, maybe, but I prefer not.

garang haha

Then, Meera asked me to put a more fun, gedik picture of me, and so I did, also agreeing to what my mum said that I was gedik. And she meant it. and yeah, sorry if my face in the picture is annoying. I think it is, so, yeah, baguslah, memang sesuai.

This new theme is very simple, really. It was built on Thematic, and all I did was tweak the CSS a little bit here and there. That’s all. I wished I had more time to spend on this theme, but, sadly, no. I have some stuffs to do. Oh yeah, if anyone is linking to my blog, let me know and I shall add you guys. Sorry!

There’s an experimentation project coming up and I’m psyched to get dirty! woohoo!

Jan 18 2010

Loose the red pants please!

Actually, I meant to update about this since few days ago but the fact that I needed to install windows refrained me from doing so. The disk failed to partition so I went through the hassles of erasing my hard disk, booting, and formatting my mac. I called Apple Care support and they were very helpful and I somehow managed to partition and install windows 7 without a problem. Wasted a lot of time. Should’ve called ’em in the first place. yeah, silly me. sheeesh.

Well, at least now I know how to format, install, backup and restore on Mac. hahah. *sedapkan hati sendiri*

Anyhoo, I took some pictures while installing. So, lets see them first, shall we?




Oh, I love the fabric! It almost like splashes of paints in a glance, reminds me Jackson Pollock’s contemporary art, except it’s actually a more abstract form of flower print. heheh. As usual, I use Japanese cotton. The usual price is about RM48 (approx US$14.4) per meter, if I’m not mistaken. I saw this fabric a while ago but when I came back to get it, it wasn’t there. Then, I dug piles of remnant fabrics and found it, only RM30 (approx US$9) 2.6m! Am I lucky or what? 😀

For this particular dress, I used Celestina pattern from Burdastyle website. Much thanks to Eddie for making this possible :p Anyways, I modified the sleeves to be a straight sleeve, and made the hem shorter.The belt is supposed to be tied on the back, but I like it much better in front! hoho.

*off topic*

oh yeah, I now also can take a deep breath of relieve and so do you (maybe) since somebody is generous enough to offer a sponsorship for my blog! For some reason, he’s keeping his identity secret and won’t reveal even a name. It was only until I insisted that he told me to link to his website, Sejukz.org. Thanks so much! So, yeay! I’ll keep blogging! hehe :p

Now, moving on.

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