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Jan 12 2010

Of a good, and not-so-good day.

HELLOOOOO! Here’s the promised entry for my latest project. Well, it’s not actually the latest, the latest project I did was a shirtdress and it’s currently in the laundry. hahah.



This dress was made from a very high quality cotton, it’s quite thick, very durable yet really soft and comfortable to wear. Very easy to sew too. It has six 1-inch pleats on the front, making the front very lose, and 2 darts were sewn, making the back slightly fitted. An invisible zipper was fitted. I wanted to add side pockets but I didn’t have enough fabrics. Oh, did I mention I made the pattern myself, from scratch? ūüėČ


This is a simple bubble dress I made during my last break, but didn’t have the time to update about it. Made out of Japanese cotton.¬†Modified the bodice based on the coffee dress pattern ¬†but added the bubble skirt and eliminated the front ruffles. I added two¬†pockets¬†at both side of the dress to make it more fun! ūüėÄ


This is the dress I made just before the above. It has ruffles on the front, with gathered skirt and back zipper. It uses the same Japanese cotton material, and it’s based on Coffee dress pattern. Although, I altered the skirt to add more volume. :p

Anyhooo, I also did some clothes and shoes inventory and I found clothes that I forgot I had. hahah. ¬†There are two pair of shoes that need gluing. zzzzz…. I also got rid of maybe 3 pairs of shoes. Platforms, gold flats and black platform pumps. Goodbye to them. T_T


Most of my shoes. Randomly sorted. There are two pairs that are not shown cause I thought I lost them but they were actually in one of those shoe boxes. -__-“


Gah! I’m so tired now. I spent the last 2 hours and a half scraping dried 3-secs glue that my sister PURPOSELY splashed on my iMac screen. She made me really angry when she stole my shoe boxes, and now, imagine how angry I was, this is the worst thing she’d ever done! Oh, other than my screen, she also glued my medication bottle on the table.

Nice Aida, NICE.

I can’t believe my eyes. I gave her full access to my iMac, and this is how she repay me? What a bitch. This clearly reminds me of why I cried the second (yes, literally the very second) my mum told me that she was pregnant 8 years ago.

It was a 3-secs glue damn it.

The funny thing is, after I yelled at her really badly, and also beat her ass a few times, (she cried, of course) but 15 minutes later, she bumped into me and actually tried to joke with me and laugh like nothing happened.*SIGHHHHHH*

Kids these days.

p.s, for some reason, I’m not convinced that this’s the worse thing she’d done to me. hmm…

p.p.s, today was also good cause I had a great time with someone watching movie and had chocolate iceblended, rasberry ice blended and Krispy Kreme! fuh! hahah ;D

If you wanna take up sewing, Burdastyle is a good place to start.

Jan 11 2010

a random stuff.

This evening, I was home and bored, wondering what could I do to kill the time. Oddly, I had never feel bored to the core this holidays; my time was always filled with things to do, be it watching movies, hanging out, shopping or sewing. Oh, and also, day dreaming of course. Anyways, as I was thinking what to do (or perhaps what to blog about) I came across a tweet by Nanyate on what girlfriends vs boyfriends google on.

Go check it out, it’s hilarious. Then, I suddenly remembered what my brother tried to google:


HAHAHA KENTUT BERAPI pun ada orang google wtffff!

and if you think this is a super lame joke, shame on you!!! hahah.

btw, I’ll update you guys on my latest projects as soon as I got ze pictures aite? ūüėČ

Jan 07 2010

so this is . :(

oh wow. Where did I go? Hm, that was quite a long hiatus without notice? (then again nobody cares). hahahahhaha! Truthfully,I want to make some changes in this blog. I want to update on my latest creations, whatever it may be, sketches, studio assignments, clothes, photos, and maybe paintings if I’m not too¬†embarrassed. These past few months, after this blog was hit by a lot of visitors once upon a time, I no longer feel comfortable blogging about my ‘interesting’ daily life experience. So I think it’s best to officially make some changes.

So I have two choices.

Number one, keep this blog, redesign, and update on arts.

Number two, say goodbye and if I want to continue blogging, get hosted on some free weblog host, like Blogger or WordPress.com and start blogging there.

Although, I intend to make my next blog (or my newly enhanced, whatever you want to call it) to be very, very, casual and of course, less vulgar words. and less horny jokes. If I can I help it. hahahah. HOWEVER, option number one is not possible so far cause I am broke as always, soooooo I’m left with option number two.



This is why I didn’t update my blog lately, I know I’ll have to write this entry at some point. It’s. too. painful. *cries more*


BTW, this blog expires on 29th January I think. So.. I can still update some more stuffs while I can.

Just in case if I didn’t get to update for some¬†unforeseeable¬†reasons, I want to say thank you to those who had and have been supporting me for all these short two years and I’m so sorry if I have offended anyone in any way.

Also, big, big, bigggggggg thanks to Muhammad Khairul of Sembangkomputer for sponsoring this blog for a year. Thanks a bunch! Here, some hugs and kisses from me. hehe :p

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