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Feb 18 2010

my first film roll!

So this is my first roll using my Miss Pink Fisheye! I purposely finished the film in one night so that I could process it as soon as possible to see how this thing works, and see the outcome using this type of film. I used Lomography CN ISO 800 for this one.

I expected that a lot of pictures could be blurry or underexposed, but the photos turned out better than I expected. Pretty good for a first timer I guess.  The colors this film produces are pretty good too, quite vibrant and rich, and not muted unlike many negative films.

So here are the photos taken at Cindy’s BBQ. Not many people were there, just her family, Blair, Meera, Hazeryl, Eddie and I. Enjoy!


Yeah, there's no point taking pictures in potraits using this camera cause the picture will end up round in the end. silly me. hahah


LOOK! our faces are so distorted!


Cindy's pretty cat!


me, in cindy's room. hehe

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Feb 15 2010

Say Hello to Miss Pink Fisheye No.2 ;)


I can’t believe I finally own it! I’ve been wanting to own a lomo myself since last year in June or so. Wanted an Actionsampler, then a Fisheye, then suddenly I got interested with Diana F+, then, I got itchy to get a polaroid, then back to Diana F+ then back to Fisheye. After a long, long, consideration, and hours and hours of searching for a good deal online, I’ve finally decided to settle for Fisheye No.2.

and it’s PINK! gagaga


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Feb 13 2010

It was quite a week. ;)

Tuesday, February 9th. the lazy day

Stayed at home. Morning class cancelled. Didn’t do any assignments, was feeling messed up. Don’t wanna talk about this day.

Move on.

Wednesday, February 10th – The day Azima left Malaysia

Had class from 8am-12pm. Then, went bowling and had Wendy’s for lunch. Then, went home, compiled printed photos as a gift for Azima. Took me one hour then suddenly Asma came to pick me up to go to KLIA (KL International Airport) and by then I didn’t have the time to take a bath. Heck, I didn’t have the time to change.
*insert curses here*

Then, off to KLIA together with Azima, after we picked up Wafi and Imran. Imran was wearing a pretty gay shirt. They then dropped the bomb.

Wafi: Kitorang couple sekarang.
Me: Whaat? *jaw drops* Are you F* serious?
Imran: yeaah. Kenapa? Salah ke?
Me: Nooo. It’s just that, korang dulu bukan ada gf semua ke?
Imran: Yelah, tapi kitorang dah jadi gay sekarang
Wafi: Tido sama-sama pakai boxers je.
Me: ooohkay. woww. korang dah maju. hahaha.

I was sitting with them in the backseat and caught them making out. But I couldn’t be bothered that much. Was holding back tears. haha.

We chilled at McD while waiting for Azima to board. Laughed laughed laughed. Snaped snaped snaped. Laughed again. Then cried. (no pictures)


Those who came

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Feb 08 2010

This is a very sad story.

I know I’m posting two entries in just a couple of hours. I’m just bored. Actually I’m not bored at all. I have stuffs to do. Like my assignment. and uh.. something. Oh, WTH, just bear with me and act as if you care. Or, take this as a warm up entry for all the great entries ahead (I hope). Okay?

I have a very sad story with me and my car. Actually, it’s my mum’s car but she lets me drive it to college everyday these past few weeks.

I’ve been meaning to wash the car. Since two weeks ago. As usual, it didnt happen.¬†Procrastination¬†is very evil. Then last last Thursday, I was very determined to get my car washed.

Went to the gym in Pyramid. Saw the car wash in the parking area. Looked. Drove past it. And parked near the lift entrance.

Don’t know what happened there.

Maybe cause I was gonna see someone after gym so I have to go to the car, put all my stuffs, get my handbag, change shoes, so I didn’t wanna go look for another parking so I planned to wash my car while I see that person after gym. But then, we went out all the way to Damansara to have lunch instead. hahah. Went home, said hi to mum and she scolded me for not washing the car. Strike one.

Then, Friday, the whole day I was in a limbo. Slept too much I think. Forgot about the car. And a whole lot of other things. Mum scolded me again. Strike two.

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