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Mar 13 2010

How to be a good boyfriend


Written by Eddie on 11th of March 2010 on my sketchbook 🙂

Mar 10 2010

….and more photos. hahahaha

I’m just gonna post up pictures this time. These were taken at a Nuwa’s brother’s wedding last Saturday night. I didn’t take a picture with the newly weds though. Shy.. auw! haha

Went there with Meera and Hazeryl. The wedding was  big and pretty. It was touching, and pretty fun to see the families were enjoying themselves and all that. Nuwa was so busy he only came by our table to check on us several time for no more than 30secs each visit, with a walkie-talkie on his hands. hahah. I was surprised to find out that there was no event manager hired. The family did everything on their own, except for the bridal dais design. Still, everything was so pretty!

Oh, this time I used a new film. It’s Fuji Superia CN ISO 400. Love the colors!  And I love the fact that even though the ISO is at 400, it lights up the picture pretty nicely indoor and outdoor at night. Some of the photos are damaged, I know cause I remember I took a few more.


In the car. Multiple exposure. Pretty creepy. hoho.




My dinner. As usual, I had another round of this. hehehe

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Mar 07 2010

Housewarming party last Friday night

Last Friday night, I went to Meera’s housewarming party with Eddie. Everyone was there, Meera and Hazeryl of course, Cindy, Blair, Danang and Mu’iz. And as always, when we are together we become very very happy.

It was kinda funny that when we first came in, Danang and Muiz were infront of laptops, online while Hazeryl was busy playing games on iPod,  and Meera was in and out of the kitchen preparing the table. We were really hungry waiting for Cindy and Blair to arrive. So, soon as they got there, we dug in.

It was a potluck style, so everyone had to bring something. Meera made carbonara pasta and ordered Domino’s pizzas. Danang brought fried chicked which he fried himself (kinda impressive. hoho), Cindy brought mushroom soup, and I brought some overboiled potato salad and some awesome brownies. Oh my, I want more browniessssss!!!!

Oh yeah, also, they pranked me. They told me to wear something bright and colorful but it turned out all of them were wearing black and white. Including Eddie. I really wanted to wear a cream colored dress that night but since they told me otherwise…. Gah, muddafukka.

Anyway, I think I’m addicted to lomo that I bring my fisheye everywhere now, other than the fact it’s pink so it looks more like a toy than a camera. Enjoy the picturesss!

Film used: 135 Lomography CN ISO 800.


Guess who?!!


Eddie, with foods for the night: Pizza, Carbonara, Mushroom Soup, Potato Salad, Fried Chicken


Cindy and Blair


Me and Cindy

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Mar 06 2010

A kinda-strange confession of a lover.

He’s calm and collected. I’m clumsy and hyper. He’s very warm and loving and I can be cold sometimes. He’s logical and structured. I’m random and… unpredictable. He thinks way ahead while I think for the moment. In fact, at the best of times, I don’t even think. Which makes me do stupid things sometimes (haha). He composes his honest words beautifully that makes my heart flutters while I say things bluntly unsophisticatedly. He’s romantic and I don’t think I know how to express love very well. He’s a bit on the serious side, while I’m cheerful and retarded. I can’t really think of how we compliment each other so much right now, but what I do know is, he makes me feel contented and safe. Cliché, maybe. Whatever.

It’s strangely freaky to find someone who compliments you in so many ways. How can two people can be such a match when they are incredibly different? The world revolves in a funny way. Such a tease.

One thing in common that we have, for sure, is that we make each other happy and that we are in love with each other.

For the first time, I’m very sure that I’m in love, and dare I say, I can see us together for a long time.

…Despite his occasional weirdness. Then again, I can be a little crazy. Some couple, we are. *winks*

pssst, yeah, finally updating my blog. there’ll be lots more to come. 😉

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