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May 15 2010

Kisah abang garang harhar

Eddie and I were strolling in Ikea, finding some new furniture for my new room. It was sooo tiring. Ikea is big, and I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for. All I had were a function list and a the measurements of my rooms. On top of that, I was also on a tight budget. So, we had to find everything, analyze, calculate each and everything, see the pros and cons, the sustainability, accessibility, usability, everything, and buy only what I need. Yes, that’s a very hard thing to do for me. Eddie was smart tho. He’s very critical and helped me find just the thing for my room. 🙂

Anyway, It was about within the last 30 minutes before we bought everything when I was standing still thinking about my options. We were already drained by then. Eddie at that time was more or less 4 feet away from me. Suddenly, I heard Eddie yelled, “JANGAN LANGGAR KAKAK TU!”

I turned, and to my surprise, I saw a boy, who was just about  7 years old pushing the trolley slowly and looking at Eddie, terrified. After the boy walked past me, I asked him,

Me: Eddie, what happened?
Eddie: Ohh, that kid was going quite fast with the trolley. So I told him to slow down.
Me: Oh? I didn’t see..
Eddie: Yes… but he slowed down when he got near you.
Me: oh okay.

I kept quiet. Trying to digest. A min later, I talked to him.

Me: Eddie, did you know you just yelled at the poor kid?
Eddie: What? No? I thought I was speaking softly.
Me: umm no, it was like a loud, strong, authoritative command. Well, loud enough for me to hear at least.
Eddie: Oh really? I didn’t realize!
Me: Hun, he was just a kid.
Eddie: I know! But I was scared he might hit you. He was going dangerously fast and you were in his path.
Me: OMG you yelled at kid because of that?!
Eddie: Yeaaaah…

HAHAHA I burst into laughter. We both did. We laughed about how protective Eddie was being even though he was worn out and that was just a kid! I know Eddie could be protective. But, I never thought he’d be protective to that extend! Poor random kid, he got scolded because someone’s boyfriend is too protective. Garang betul abang ni. hahaha

Such a sweetheart.

p.s, so so super tired. gonna watch Gossip Girl’s latest episode and sleep! taaaa

May 13 2010

FREE Wifi on Train

Hello handsome guys and pretty girls out there. Yes, even if you are ugly by the standard society’s perception, know that you’re beautiful inside. Actually, you are automatically handsome people by just reading this post.

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p.s, Funny how the word free, when capitalized makes it instantly sound like an advertisement. =P

May 09 2010

It started with sleepless nights.. (yes blame the lack of sleep)

Omg these two days.. so fucked up okay.

(haha what an intro. ah, whatever)

You know how people become grumpy, tired or weird when they’re lack of sleep right? Well as for me, I become stupid when I’m lacking sleep. Lack as sleep as in, no sleep at all. Stupid as in my brain becomes so slow in processing and I sometimes can’t connect what people are saying.

Anyway, I had an interim critique last Friday. And since I got mixed up with some submission deadlines, and also headaches, I had to pull an all-nighter the night before. After the presentation, I got home feeling excited because it’s study leave week! yeay! hoho. Then I got so excited to dye my new white shirt. I just got it and thought it was too white for me. So I wanted to dye it pale yellow. I went to the store. And executed the dyeing process in my mum’s RM3k cookware. I was kinda afraid that my mum would scold me for ruining her kitchen cookware and utensils like what happened in some of my previous projects but that’s beside the story.

So, after I happily dyed the shirt for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. EVER. (mind you it’s a new dress),

the shirt turned out to be…



Ok, here’s what happened. I dissolved the dye in boiling water. Next, I added salt and a bit more water, exceeding the recommended portion. Then, instead of putting in a test fabric, which I had already prepared, I accidentally tossed in the shirt into the pot! I panicked, so I quickly took the shirt out, added a bit more water. But I didn’t add much cause I was afraid if the color wont turn out even. So I put the shirt back in and prayed. No, actually I simmered for 20 minutes.

Then I thought. oh, how yellow could it be? Then zomaigod, to my surprise… GAH!


So,here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna bleach it or maybe use pre-dye to turn the colour pale. But it seems like, using a pre-dye is probably safer for the fabric.

Now, let’s move on to next story.

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