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Dec 31 2010

Falsies: on trial

Warning: Disturbing vain images ahead.

My engagement is like a bomb of DIY stuffs. From hantaran to my dress to the so-called mini dais, to the soap flowers! Yes, flowers made out of soap! It makes the room smelling fresh and… soapy. But my dad said it smells like a bathroom after somebody had shower in it. hahaha!

Another DIY thing is my makeup. I am not hiring any makeup artist whatsoever. Yeah, I know, snooze. So, I’m doing the makeup myself! Did a test makeup about tow days back and I did another one just now, just to practice so that I won’t panic the morning of engagement.

I’m also discovering false eyelashes. (wow!) haha. I’m not the kind of person who wears makeup that much. I only slap those translucent foundation lightly, stroke some eyeliner, some lip balm and I’m ready to go. But I’d apply some eyeshadows if I’m extra rajin for occasions. hehe.

ANYWAY, false eyelashes are such a new thing to me. I’m not really into them cause it makes me  look fake and dolly-ish. Most probably it’s because I have small (and slanted) eyes so I don’t think I’d pull it off. However, I’ve always been so curious about those falsies and decided to give ’em a try. I kinda like the result but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for my engagement. So, I’ve taken some pictures for you to judge and tell me what you think.

Also, I know being pretty (or atleast try to) in pictures isn’t really me but I figured I don’t really have decent camwhore pictures as most of my camwhore pics involve me squinting my eyes or make weird faces hahah.

argh, this is degrading my reputation. but, whatever, here goes..


Pandangan hadapan

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Dec 26 2010

Engagement Prep; the room! or shall I say, the chair? or the DRESS?!

Sooooooooo my parents worked their ass off today! My dad was painting some parts of the house. Repainted some of the furnitures. Stuffs like that. It was pretty nice seeing the work being done and helping out *coughs*sort of*coughs*. haha. After my dad changed the light bulbs, mum asked me to take a few pictures in the room just to see how it’d look like in pictures.


Ta-da! hahah. Well, it’s really simple. I don’t want anything grand. But hmm don’t expect me to sit there awkwardly, alone and deserted. haha. That’s just for fun of taking pictures hokay. Make it nicer a lil’ bit. And the chair is actually garden chair. Or a wing chair (?), a bench, sitting place or whatever you want to call it. Mum made the cushion using cotton canvas fabric. Pretty awesome. We moved two big fake trees from the living to each side. But the proportion of the trees make the chair looks so small. haha. I pointed that out to my  mum and she said pictures shouldn’t include the trees and if I were going to take pictures with my friends, they can cover the trees. HAHAHA. Funny mum.

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Dec 22 2010

Hello, Gorgeous!

Ok, remember the three legged bunny, Bunny? story short, I lost HIM. He ran away or what. I have no idea. I lost him like over a week ago. One day, I came home and he was gone. I searched for him hi and low and he was nowhere to be found.  I was devastated, of course I was. I loved Bunny more than I love Bobby, to be honest.

So, since Bobby became a lonely boy all over again, I had to get him a girlfriend. So I did. and this time, she is one beautiful, expensive, posh rabbit. A Flemish Giant I think. And we didn’t get her at a pet shop, my mum and I got it from a rabbit farm, just yesterday. She cost my mum a good RM250, and RM100 I lost. Yes, I’m such a careless gal but let’s put that story aside.

This time I took the authority to give her a name. Aida came up with all sorts of barbie names whatevershit. So I called her Gorgeous. She just is, anyway.

So yes, ladies and gentleman, meet Gorgeous. She’s our new family member. 🙂


and um.. please don’t bother the lonely boy sniffing her butt -he’s just horny. Give that guy a break. haha


awwh look at how beautiful she is. I saw her running around in the mini farm and I was so charmed by her beauty I told the guy, “grab her. I want her” and voila! It’s a SHE! HOOYEAAH!

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Dec 19 2010

Next project on the list.

Note: please ignore whatever mistakes you see in my sketches. I really havent been sketching for ages and on top of that I never learned fashion illustration, so…


This is my second sketch, (which is why it’s better than the first one below). Both of the pieces above will be my next project. Maybe I’ll do the pleated maxi skirt with pockets first. I’m planning to find a nice cotton, perhaps in candy colour. Pink, blue, I’m not sure yet. Let’s see what I can find. Then I’m also going to sew a shirt like illustrated above. Somehing with a slightly exaggerated armhole.

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