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Jul 04 2011

My first golf event (…probably the last haha)

Yesterday I went to City Golf event by nuffnang. I wasn’t invited, of course but my better half did so he asked me to come with it. Despite the eyeliner malfunction (for some reason I failed to apply my eyeliner perfectly for three times and I almost cried because I was already late) I managed to get to Bangsar shopping Center safely with some slight road confusion and 50 minutes late.

As soon as I found him, he gently greeted me and showed the scoreboard on the screen. To my pleasure, he already put his name on the top of the score. It’s not a tournament or anything but I was still very proud of him. I never thought a golfer could turn me on because I’m more into rough stuffs like rugby players but after a few plates of snacks (I was really starving), he triumphed the longest drive and boy, that turned me on! hahaha! :DD

I also hit some darts. I did pretty good considering I had never played darts before except those toy ones (ha-ha). Eddie didn’t hit any but it’s okay. He looked so sexy hitting swinging the golf stick. ahahah

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