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Oct 25 2011

WIR Campaign : Let’s cover our booties!

I saw this campaign on Sue Anna Joe’s blog recently, and I thought it’s brilliant! It sickens me to see hijabis wearing tight jeans with their bumbums showing, swinging side to side as they walk. It may look sexy, but it contradicts a muslimah’s identity albeit, I’m no exception and guilty as charged.

Surely, it’s hard (atleast for me) but I’m trying and this is a good reminder for me and all of us muslim girls. So, together, let’s spread this to our sisters! 😉



Oct 20 2011

sweet casual look [video]

I was procrastinating my work by playing with my husband’s Canon 60D while he was out working. I’ve always been amazed by the HD video quality wanted to play with it and hopefully able to do some video editing. I also wanted to practice talking infront of camera because I always FAILLLLL big time at that.

However, still being me, I still don’t have the guts to speak right infront of camera so I did a makeup demo instead. haha. I still hope to be able to face that weakness of mine somewhere in the future. So, in the mean time, try to enjoy the video! haha :p

You know what, scrap all the BS above. This is my excuse to play “dress up” with myself (HA-HA!). Another option would be camwhoring cause I’ve got no real life friends and I’m cool like that. yeaaah…..

I need to go out with my girls T_T

Oct 18 2011

Back! and married.

So I’m back. After all those years. and guess what? I’m married!!!!!!!!! haha. okay, I’m sure if you follow my blog u’d already know that.

Now, let’s see what happened to me. Or my blog. Not necessarily in order.

#1 layout change, obviously.

The previous layout I had for centuries made me puke a few times so I had to change it to get my blogging mojo back. Well, I did not design this layout. I upgraded to wordpress 3.2, downloaded the theme and installed it. Made a quick header and that’s it.

#2 I got married

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Jul 04 2011

My first golf event (…probably the last haha)

Yesterday I went to City Golf event by nuffnang. I wasn’t invited, of course but my better half did so he asked me to come with it. Despite the eyeliner malfunction (for some reason I failed to apply my eyeliner perfectly for three times and I almost cried because I was already late) I managed to get to Bangsar shopping Center safely with some slight road confusion and 50 minutes late.

As soon as I found him, he gently greeted me and showed the scoreboard on the screen. To my pleasure, he already put his name on the top of the score. It’s not a tournament or anything but I was still very proud of him. I never thought a golfer could turn me on because I’m more into rough stuffs like rugby players but after a few plates of snacks (I was really starving), he triumphed the longest drive and boy, that turned me on! hahaha! :DD

I also hit some darts. I did pretty good considering I had never played darts before except those toy ones (ha-ha). Eddie didn’t hit any but it’s okay. He looked so sexy hitting swinging the golf stick. ahahah

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