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Feb 26 2012

I miss him.

These past few days, has been slow. Didn’t go out anywhere much, except for house inspections. Yeap, I’m still homeless here. Haha. It’s kinda stressful with classes starting soon. Pretty sure we’re gonna get a good one. Just staying positive, you know.

It’s kinda fun here, I’m adapting well, I guess. I don’t feel any kind of culture shock or whatsoever. The only thing, though, I’ve been missing my husband a lot. I feel fine when everyone’s at home, and we always have each other to talk to, but on some days, it’s kinda boring, and that’s when the feelings start to creep in.

Sometimes I can push it away, and be indenial, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. I can feel it’s building up inside if I don’t let it go, and the only way I know how is by crying, or talking to my husband over the skype. But it’s never enough. It’s tough. With the difference in time, and it’s hard to arrange a good timing that works for both of us.

All I need to know is how he’s doing. I want to know his day, what he’s been up to, what’s he feeling and all that, just because I want to feel close to him. Gosh, I just miss talking to him, or doing anything random and crazy. I miss his jokes. I miss his hugs. I miss his teases. I miss everything about him. And every night I dream about seeing him, it makes it hard for me to get out of bed and face reality.

I can’t wait for him to visit in May. I wish he could come right now. Hell, I wish he could come here and stay.

Feb 14 2012

City stroll

So, this week has been slow, but fun. Took a break from house hunting and went to Kak Wani’s house somewhere in Clayton last Sunday. She organised a lunch to gather all the students that just arrived.

Train ride, yeay!

from left: Amalina, Sara & Me

The weather was sunny, but the wind really helped to make it feel a little chilly

Later that night, we took a random walk to Flinders st and along yarra river. We had a daily ticket for the tram and train earlier, so we took the tram.

Stopped by at Swanston st. to get some fries and burger before walking to Flinders st.

Look at that! soo sinfully yummy!

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Feb 10 2012

yes, I’m in Melbourne. :)

Oh god, I’ve been in Melbourne for 3 days and I haven’t update my blog or my facebook. I’m such a bad person. Well, actually, I’ve only been here for 2 days because the first day I got here, I slept pretty much half of the day, and the rest trying to keep my eyes open. I couldn’t even register that I was already in Melbourne.  Yes, the flight was that long and boring

Anyway, before anything else, thanks to Allah and my parents that I’m here. Also, thanks for my husband for his endless support thought I know parting with me is the last thing we both want. Leaving my husband was hard, and it’s still is. I can’t hear his voice or see his face without shedding tears. I even cried a few times in the plane thinking what have I got myself into, amost wanted to run out of the plane before take-off.

Thanks to my friends for such lovely farewell lunch. It was really sweet. Syad, Intan, Azima, Mira, Shlyn, Asma and their boyfriends, Dfan & Ehsan. Thank you girls. I’m about to sound like I’m giving a speech here so might as well stop right now.

syad, asma, intan, shlyn me, azima and mira. love u all! :')

I feel pretty touched seeing my friends all acting like one year is long time. It’ll be gone before they even knew it. (Maybe I keep saying that hoping this year would past very fast and that I’ll be back in my husband’s arm in no time). So in denial. Sad, I know.

Anyway, after I had *almost* fully digest that I am already in Melbourne. Kak Maf, Kak Tas and Nad brought me to the uni for a little tour (and to open a bank account). We did only a little stroll around the Melb uni for none of them are studying there.

one of MelbUni's building - School of Population Health.

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