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May 31 2012

Vlog: super fast hijab tutorial (not!)

Heyy, I was bored and lazy but I didn’t want to give in to the temptations of obsessively texting my husband, distracting him from work, so I pulled out my camera and started recording myself. With clothes on, of course.


Sorry, banyak merepek mostly. Pardon me, I haven’t gone out of the house for 4 days. I told myself to go out, get some air, EVERYDAY but the weather’s too cold. Plus, I don’t have any money, so..  =/


Right, should really get back to my essay. Zzzzzz

May 27 2012

Wacom Bamboo: unboxing

Oh, last week has been crazy. We had studio presentation last Friday, and it turned out really well! Will blog about my final project soon. 🙂 Anyway, I’m so excited now, guess what I bought?!

yeaaaah, baby. Ma face shows how excited I am! That’s Nadira, and Izzat is the one taking our picture.

I’ve been itching to replace my Wacom Graphire for a while now (FYI, graphire is  wacom’s old tablet way before bamboo, had it in 2007, yeah, antique, I know). But since my graphire is just right there in front of my eyes, I didn’t have the hearts to cheat on it. :'(

However, now that I’m here, and I didn’t pack my graphire, the feeling to get Bamboo got more intense. So, after some (brief) consideration, I went ahead and got it. Don’t feel guilty because my graphire isn’t here :p

The trip back from our fantastic Italian lunch in Camberwell felt so long because I was a bit anxious, I couldn’t wait to get home and play with it. Yeah, excited me, I know.  So, here’s the unboxing!

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May 14 2012

membebel sorang-sorang.

Aisyah, jangan mengada nak give up. Lempang kang. *muka garang*

May 11 2012

a week of awesomeness

It’s been ages since I logon to this blog and seeing all the comments, I was wondering what was my last post about?  By this post, it also means that I’m getting more sane. Guess what?! My mood is revived now that my husband came to visit me for a week!

So, what did we do? ehem ehem. *clears throat* yes, that. AND much more! 😀

#Day 1 : Arrival

Oh, funny story about his arrival. I wanted to pick him up at Southern Cross Station but that would mean skipping my class, so he told me he will call me instead. I was expecting his call atleast by 10am but 11am, and there was still nothing. Worried, I went to Southern Cross Station all the way from my class (at Melbourne uni) to wait for him but he was nowhere at sight. Feeling more anxious I called up AirAsia to enquire about the flight (HAHA) when suddenly I got a call in and it was him. He told me he was already in Uni! haha. I was relieved but also felt like slapping myself for going all the way to the station and lost 30mins worth of time I could already be seeing him!

Anyway, I was really glad I saw him. We went back to my place, I let him rest and that night we had sushi for dinner. That night we were staying over at a senior’s house who’ve kindly let us stay in their house while they go out on a vacation.


#Day 2 : Walk in Museum

I must say that we’re both fan of museums and I purposely didn’t go to the museum just so I could go there for the first time, with him eventhough it’s free for students. Now, we were impressed  with the lengths they went through to make the museums look as cool as possible!

Most of the the things in museum were about the history of Australia, which were very interesting. I could go on and on about what’s in the museum but let’s not make this post super long. I highly recommend you checking out the museum if you’re in Melbourne though.

That is one scary fish! It’s not real though, but it looks like it, right??

Impressive digital vending machine. :p


Funny thing is when we went to the museum, they were having an antic art show for $34 while it was supposed to be free for students. So out of frustration, we walked out until we realized we went into the wrong building! And it was right next to the Melbourne museum. I knew how the museum looked like but I guess I was too early in the morning and I was still in slumber. Hahaha.

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