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Aug 20 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!!

So, this year’s raya. Where do I begin?

Firstly, it’s my first Eid without my family, ever. Kinda pathetic to finally being independent at 21. I mean, 22. (Syhh)

Secondly, it’s also my first Eid as a married woman. and my husband is not here.

Anyway, I’ve decided to ditch my assignments to celebrate Raya so that I won’t hate myself later by being so pathetic when I log in to social sites and see all these people celebrating raya with their family, in their fancy baju raya eating fancy raya dishes. *insert envious face here*

On the eave of Eidulfitri, only Farah and I was at home. So we started cooking lamb rendang, popiah, onde-onde, cupcakes and.. nasi ketupat. Farah had her boyfriend over to come help us with it. We had some good time cooking while listening to Eid songs and takbir (which we never intentionally do in Malaysia) and seeing all these posts about raya do helped me feel the all these raya vibes. 

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Aug 14 2012

what is this 114A bull?

I never really had the faith in Malaysian justice system. I mean, pedophile rapist get away with crime just because he’s a national sportsman, and the guy who committed a small crime such as not wearing a helmet paid eavier punishment than the person who was involved in multi-million bribery. Really? Well, I thought I still have hope and would like to contribute to my country someday.

.. Until I found out about the recent amendment to 114A. Though I’m not sure if it’s already official since I couldn’t find that information (somebody please help me out?). [Edit: This amendment is already passed by the parliament.]

(source: Malaysiakini)

In a nutshell, this amendment is saying that any publication is under the responsibility of the shown name, whereby the publisher, co-publisher, or simply the people sharing the publication, including, the blog/website owner, and wifi/internet provider is hold accountable for the publication. Basically, anybody that is involved directly or not can be prosecuted.

For example, a blog owner may be charged for a comment left on his blog by another person. Or even the owner of a facebook profile with nasty friends. So, basically, you may be the next person going in and out of the court, and possibly doing jail time just because you did not think twice about posting your opinion. Seriously, this system is soooo messed up.

Yeap, you guessed it, now my hope for a better Malaysia just went down the drain.

Wait, actually, that happened when 1Malaysia logo started popping up all around Malaysia and they burned my eyes to the ground. We’re so f*cked, people! haha T_T


p.s, I have a theory, you’d have to have no brains to be part of the decision makers in our government. Smart people, well, they’re too smart stay away from all this bullshit.

p.p.s, Now, let us all share something, initiate something and see if they can bring us ALL down. LOL!

p.p.p.s, Wait, will I get charged or sued for posting the statement above?

Aug 14 2012

Currently: Tues, at 0932 hrs

1. Studio work on butter paper with torn edges for a rough effect to ooze the aura of creativity. (yeah right! haha)

2. Last night’s coffee as decoration.

3. Laptop with sketchup on screen, to keep myself from tweeting.

4. Timetable, to avoid unpleasant surprises of suddenly remembering a class to attend.

5. All submissions & dues this semester compiled, to keep reality in check (hopefully).

6. Thermometer, to hmm… monitor temperature.


Ok, so that’s my life here. Confirm raya pun macam ni because I have bloody submissions! *sigh* Oh well what to do bro

Aug 07 2012

just a little bit more.

So, it’s been like forever since I last posted which was prior to my winter break. Now, it all over, and it’s nearing spring in just a couple of weeks. I’m already in my third week of semester, and damn, time flies! Seriously, things have been pretty busy for me. I guess this is what final semester is all about *insert sigh here*.

Winter break was well spent in Malaysia. I realized nothing could replace the time I can spend with my family and my husband. They are the bestest people I could spend my time with. My husband and I, we spent so much time together, and I it made me realize how happy and special he makes me feel. Seriously, there hasn’t been a day where he didn’t make me laugh when we’re together.

Ok, enough about my husband before I get all TMI*. hahah. Melbourne is just as perfect as it was. I love it here, and I’m coping much better than I did last time. It feels like the norm to see my husband through the screen again. Yeah, weird, I know. I’m surprised myself.

This semester is gonna be crazy. Starting next week, I’ll have submissions every week, and the studio workload may be overwhelming, if I slack a little. I’m doing a showroom for race cars, especially used and/or won cars with a minigolf on top (it’s part of the brief). It’s an exciting project where they allow us to sort of let loose, and have fun with it, which is great!

I sketched this car, hoping to learn and be inspired for my project. It’s a very rough and possibly amateur sketch, but whatever, it’s my first time sketching a car, and for some reason I thought I made the right choice to use ink.


Fortunately, my tutor loved my ideas, and I hope I can continue to make him excited about it. hoho. Thanks to my husband for suggesting race cars, I think it’s a brilliant idea and it fits the rough ideas I have in my head.

Man, I can’t believe I’m in my last semester. Just a little bit more.

…until Master.

p.s, it feels awkward to write again after so long

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