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Dec 20 2013

Unimom Mezzo breastpump review

I don’t always take the time to review something. This post is long due. Caring for a baby is a lot of work. Who knew something so tiny could take up so much of your time! If I knew, I would just get a hamster.

Just kidding.

Anyway, prior to Sara’s arrival, I did not get a pump because I’m currently SAHM and I thought I did not need it.  Little did I know that on the fourth night after Sara’s arrival, my breasts became so engorged. I tried to hand express with help from youtube (haha) but I still could’t get anything out. Perhaps my milk duct was clogged. Then I was desperate for a breast pump. It was nine o’clock at night and all nearby baby stores were closed.

Eddie was all ready to buy Medela manual pump. But I thought RM199 is a lil’ steep, what more to buy something out of desperation. So I started to ask around for a cheaper alternative. Eddie made some reasearch that night and he found Unimom Mezzo. I found out that it’s recommended by lactation consultant at Susuibu.com and it’s only RM100. I gave the thumbs up and the next morning, Eddie immediately went to OneBabyWorld Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

About two hours later, I got my pump.

On first impression, I thought it was so pretty. The packaging, the pump itself, and it’s pink! Major plus. Hahah.


(sorry, no picture of my own because I always forget to take a picture of the pump before I use it! *slapface*)

I happily unboxed the packaging and started reading the manual. Eddie  then washed and sterilized the parts and I began my first pump. Within 6 minutes, I was done pumping for one breast and about less than 15 minutes total. At first it felt awkward but it certainly did not hurt, if not comfortable. My engorgement was relieved and I was happy.

After some time, I got used to it, and it’s becoming less awkward and more comfortable. I’ve had multiple let downs with this one.

So far, the performance is great. The ergonomic, long handle makes it easy to pump. However, I find it rather tiring to pump with one hand after a few minutes. It’s a lot easier to pump with two hands. I guess that’s the only downside. Anyway, I rarely find myself needing to pump more than 10 minutes on each breast. Perhaps I’m lazy. If you pump occasionally (around 2 times a day) this shouldn’t be a big problem. Personally, if you pump 3 times or more a day, then I suggest better get electric pump.


The maintenance is so easy. There are no small parts to deal with. It’s so easy to wash and assemble. After sterilizing, I just hang the parts on the rack to dry. This Treenie drying rack was sent by Babywinks.com.my. Thanks Babywinks!


Value for money: definitely worth it. It’s so affordable yet high quality. I’m happy to see for once, it’s not made in China. It’s a Korean brand and made in Korea.

Now, after a month and a half using it, I have to say I am one happy Unimom user. If you’re looking for a manual pump, I highly recommend this one. Honestly I did not expect to get so much milk out of a manual pump. but with this one, I’m able to express so much milk. When I need to pump more frequently later in the future, I would totally get the Unimom electric pump, I just have so much trust with this brand now!


Dec 02 2013

My Labour Story

At 3.50am in the morning of 31st October, I was woken up by what I thought was a stomach ache. It was the first day of my 39th week of pregnancy. I  thought I was going to lay a brick so I went to the toilet and tried to push my bowel. Yet nothing was happening. Before I knew it, the stomach ache was gone and I went back to sleep.

At 4pm sharp, I was once again woken up by an even more intense abdominal pain than the previous one. It was so painful, I couldn’t help to scream and that woke Eddie up. The pain lasted for about a minute. Then 5 minutes later I got the pain again and this time I noticed it was actually a contraction. Since it’s now 5 minutes, I didn’t think I was in active labour. After a couple of contractions, the contractions were coming at every 2.5 minutes.

I was in disbelief. Could this be it? I’ve always imagined that contractions start as frequent as every 20minutes, not 5 minutes!

I didn’t want to go to the hospital too early so I asked Eddie to call my parents. My mum asked if I feel any pressure on my bowels. I nodded and she said it’s time to go to the hospital.

Luckily I’ve packed my hospital bag a week before. It was just a few toiletries to pack. Eddie seemed a bit panicky and I swear I had never seen him like that before. I was somewhat calm, except during the contractions where I tried my best to get through. My mum made me a chocolate milk drink, and Eddie managed to grab one stick of Madu Azim honey.

We arrived at the DEMC hospital and I was admitted into the labour room at 5am. Eddie had to leave me for a while to check me in. The nurse came in and put on the CTG (to monitor baby’s heart rate) and inserted medication to help me empty my bowels. The nurse then hooked me up to an IV to keep me hydrated. I was 5cm dilated.

I was in relieve as Eddie came back into the labour room. I managed to finish one whole stick of Madu Azim and drank half of the chocolate milk. At that point, I was regretting that I had only less than two hours of sleep. We had an argument that night over petty matters and we stayed up late. Eddie was coaching me throughout all my contractions, reminding me to breathe and zikr. I asked for his forgiveness for so many times that morning. We both regret our fight the night before.

I was really tired going through my labour. My contractions were getting more intense and I was screaming and crying with every contractions.

At 6am, the Anesthesiologist came in to give me epidural.  I am a wuss for pain, I have to admit so that’s why I opted for an epidural. It was quite terrifying. Also, I am VERY ticklish on my back, and you can only imagine how I suffered as the doctor find the right spot to insert the catheter.

Once I got my epidural, my gradually intense contraction had come down to the pain level as my early contractions at home.  I opted for a low dose epidural so that I could still feel my contractions. At around 8pm, my OBGYN came in and she checked my opening. I was 6cm dilating and we were expecting to start pushing at 11am.

Suddenly, at 9am, my contractions were coming stronger. I was screaming like hell. I called in the nurse and asked for higher dose of epidural. Then a couple of contractions later, it got even stronger and I called the nurse again. The pain was so intense I felt like my bones in my body were breaking. and I had a low dose epidural! I can’t imagine if I hadn’t. The nurse then checked my dilation to find out I was fully dilated. My water suddenly popped and the nurses got me ready to push. 

At 9.25 I started pushing. The nurses coached me on how to push. I was already so tired yet with every contractions I find every bit of energy left to push. 50 minutes of pushing, the nurse finally said that I have only 10 minutes left or there will be interventions (forceps or vacuum).  The doctor arrived and I gathered all my last bit of energy to push.

I was determined to push within this last 10 minutes. I got my fiery crazy eyes on and pushed harder than ever. I was focused. With a lot of motivation, and cheering from the my husband and the nurses, Sara was finally out, and on her way to make her big debut into the world, she kicked the birth canal that sent her flying on the bed. I did not lie, I saw her flew out of my vagina and she cried as she landed on the bed.

The nurse then threw her on my chest and she stopped crying. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing (actually I didn’t really know what I was looking at). Then the nurse took her away, cleaned her up a bit, swaddled her and placed her in the warmer. Soon, the nurse let me hold Sara while the doctor sutured my tear. She was looking around, wondering where she was. She was looking at both of her parents back and forth. It was a really precious moment for me and Eddie. Alhamdulillah. I was so grateful and happy it sent me to tears of joy.

Alhamdulillah, my labour went on smoothly and Sara is so perfect, I couldn’t ask for more. Every detail of my labour was how I wanted (except for the tear). Eddie was very helpful at saying the right things to keep me going and I had a pleasant experience at DEMC. The nurses were so wonderful and the service was excellent.

I had never been this thankful in my life. Thank you Allah for this blessing, I feel so lucky and blessed, mashaAllah. I can never forget that day, it was such beautiful day and I would do it again. *wink* *wink*

I will write on some tips for a smooth labour in my next post.



Nov 27 2013

My greatest achievement in life, at 23 years old.

As many of you know, I gave birth to Sara, on 31st October. It was an amazingly beautiful day, indeed. Sara is now 27 days, she’ll be 4 weeks tomorrow. As far as my recovery, I finally feel a lot better now.

Although my pregnancy was smooth and relatively easy than other women I know, it was really tough and challenging. If you ask me when I was pregnant, I would say being pregnant is not worth it! Yes, that sounded bad.

Then came labour. I was really terrified of labour. I was. I researched so deep so that I could be physically and mentally prepared. I practiced visualisation every day and think positively about my labour. 6 hours in labour, and it turned out to be the most painful yet the easiest thing. It went smoothly according to my visualisation, Alhamdulillah.

Now, the postpartum. It is the worst thing about having a baby. It’s a lot of pain. Contraction pains, breast and nipple pain, body aches, perineal pain, pelvic girdle pain, you name it. My recovery was slow and I was in 3 weeks of agony. I cried so much.

The first 2 weeks, I lost hope that I will ever recover. I guess it was the baby blues talking. Came the third week, I started feeling more sane, and tried to think positively about my recovery. Soon, I started to see improvements. Talk about mind over matter!

Now that my baby blues are completely gone, I’m starting to enjoy taking care of Sara. It used to feel like a chore, perhaps it was all those pain I was feeling. I love waking up in the morning to Sara. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. To us.

I can never forget the first time she was thrown onto my chest right after she came out. Yes, thrown is the exact word. I looked at her and I did not know what was this moving thing that just came out of me. She looked so pale and grey. Guess  I was still fuzzy from the labour. Then, she was taken away, the nurse put a blanket on and swaddled her. Soon she was given back to me while the doctor sutured my perineal tear.

I looked at her and her eyes were wide open glancing back and forth between me, Eddie and the surrounding. She looked like she was trying to understand where she was and what was she seeing (although she probably couldn’t see anything clearly then).

Immediately, I fell in love with her. I was shedding tears of joy. I’m  truly happy that she came into this world. She’s so perfect and beautiful. I had never been so thankful in my life before. Everyday, since she was born, I thank Allah for this gift. I feel so blessed for having her.


Sara, a few hours after she was born.


9 days old



21 days old

If you ask me now, she is definitely worth it. It was worth all the pain, agony and not to mention, all those emotional roller coaster. Truly, she is a gift. And she’s my personal achievement.

P.s, Read my husband’s story on my labour.

P.p.s, I will write about labour and postpartum recovery soon.

Oct 29 2013

Cot Caddy & Baby Cot Issues (DIY Baby Project pt. 3)

On one of my sleepless nights, (yes, another perks of third trimester common symptoms) I got an idea of making a caddy for the baby cot. I heard that sometimes babies need nappy change at night, and at this point, I’m willing to invest in anything to make my night time easier.

After imagining the constructions in my head, I bought some medium weight fabrics. They feels more like a light canvas, and fairly easy to work with. Actually, I was quite intimidated to sew using medium weight fabrics, only because this project calls for sturdy, sturdy construction because I decided to include a holder for the baby wipes and they are quite heavy, fully loaded.

Eventually, this was born.


I got the fabrics from MayMay Shop. They have quite unique selection of imported fabrics at reasonable price. The colours on the website are close to accurate, which is important to me.  The downside is they take up to 2 days to post out orders.


I used  elastics to secure the baby wipe case.


I made a couple of top stitch lines at the top to make it more sturdy. Otherwise when the baby wipes case is loaded, the fabric will pull slightly. The small pockets on top is to hold small essential items like nappy cream, and perhaps lotion or baby oil.

The two bottom pockets are for diapers and some clothes.

We got this SNIGLAR baby cot at Ikea. It costs RM165, (whaaat!). It doesn’t have a drop down side though, which I don’t really see the point of it. It’s either you co-sleep or not. Choose! At first I wasn’t too keen on getting this one because it’s Ikea. However, the reviews proved that this cot is long lasting, sturdy and meets safety standards in various countries. We tested it, and yes it is sturdy. We are sold.


Anyway, what I love about it that the highest bed setting level up to our bed, and it’s paint-free! Meaning it’s low VOC and I’m just a freak when it comes to chemicals and stuff. I also love that it’s so simple and modern.


Of course we are not putting this baby cot by the window. It’s just temporary until baby arrives. We also got the VYSSA SNOSA mattress for RM99 and also a mattress protector, LEN for RM29.90. Inside the cot: Tilam kekabu and baby nap mat.

Apparently, people are very opinionated when it comes to baby cot. In our Malay culture especially, we co-sleep with babies up until they are 2, (some even more than that). To me, it doesn’t matter if you want to co-sleep with your baby or not, I believe every parent is different, and they know what’s best for their children.

We’ve decided to use the baby cot for a number of reasons. My husband may have different reasons, but here are mine.

Number one reason is safety. My husband is a heavy sleeper, sometimes he even roll up against my side and I had to wake him up to move. We tried to move our furnitures around so that our bedside is placed against the wall, but Eddie disliked the arrangements and won’t stand it (I agree but was willing to compromise). In addition, I think we occupy most of the bed already and I wouldn’t want to have my sleep compromised because I don’t have enough space.

Next is attachment issues. I wouldn’t want my child to be too attached to me. I want her to be more independent. Also, having her in the cot will teach her boundaries. I’ll cuddle her, feed her and give all my attention to her but when it’s night time, I go to my bed and she goes to hers.

Whenever we mention we bought a baby cot, people would laugh and say it will never happen.

To me, I believe we can teach our children however we want them to be. If we speak English to them, they’ll speak English.  If we talk to them a lot, they’ll know how to keep conversation going. If we let them play, run, fall and make mistakes,  they’ll learn how to be fearless. If we put them in baby cot from day one, they’ll sleep in the baby cot.

Also, it’s not like I will put the baby cot in another room or anything, I will have the cot near our bed. So she’ll be safe and sound and also within my reach for me to feed her. If all else fails, I can just remove one side of the cot and have it pushed against the side of our bed, so it feels like co-sleeping but she’ll be on her own bed.

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