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Mar 17 2013

Youth, City & Lifestyle

One of the group that generates economy is the youth. Where there are a lot of youth, that area will bloom in short amount of time. For example, when there’s a university, the surrounding area tend to grow rapidly than areas where there are no universities. So, it’s no surprise that credit card companies are targeting youths to use credit card.

So, my proposal for a youth credit card is emphasizing the lifestyle of youth such as shopping malls, recreation (cycling, hiking, snorkling), travelling, and eating. This time of youth, where there are far less responsibilities than adults, and being at legal age, it is an ideal time for exploration. Which explains why the youths spend their free time to go out and do something fun.

And, let’s be honest, when there’s fun, so are costs. Even something free, such as cycling costs a bike, or hiking needs petrol money to get there. Sometimes, carrying cash is not ideal, as it’s bulky, and risky, with all the crimes going on nowadays. As a plus, parallel to youth’s spontaneity nature, credit card allows them to pay for an activity they didn’t plan on, which makes it more fun!

Hence, my credit card design is intended to have  a fun vibe, while still sending a message without being serious. The city serves as a place for the youth to spend their time (hence, money).  This unrestricted flow of the design signifies the youth’s spontaneity. However it still follows a loose grid, suggesting that youths are not always all about fun & being spontaneous, but also being responsible for their own spending. The unique overall character of this design, gives a sense of expression to the youth, thereby helps to encourage the use of this card.


Thank you Nuffnang for this contest, it was a fun one. And may the best design wins! Also, thank you to my husband for a lot of help with this design. 😉


Mar 15 2013

It’s confirmed, I’m pregnant!


We went to the clinic first thing in the morning today. The doctor performed an ultrasound on me, and we can see the sac! YEAY, ALHAMDULILLAH!

Can u see that? It’s like a micromini sac, measuring approx 0.9cm. HAH! So TINY! I showed this to my mom and she said this is what I looked like too. AWW….

The doctor also did a UPT, just to confirm my pregnancy,  and yeaay!   This was my 4th urine this morning and the line is a lot darker than last week (which is a good indication).  Yes, it was 8.30pm and I already peed that much. Oh, the perks of your uterus expanding and suppressing the tiny bladder.


Now, I can stop worrying about believing whether or not I’m really pregnant, because, I can just stick the ultrasound image on the wall to remind me that I’m pregnant. Seriously, I always forget that I am, and ended up running up and down the stairs (yes, I literally RUN up & down the stairs, it’s a habit of mine).  And then I’d feel paranoid for a second. Eddie has to always remind me to take it easy.

She’s (he or she) is not a fetus yet. More like an embryo in a tiny amniotic sac at this stage.  I think. Whatever it is, this one already seems like a one tough fella. He/she will just shrug whenever she  face the toughest challenges in life, and move on like a badass. Yes, be sticky, and grow big, little one! Mummy’s gonna enjoy her last moments feeling free(ish) before morning sickness kicks in. ha ha ha

Anyway, I’m officially 6 weeks now. And the estimated due date is around November 7. I thought that would be a nice birthday present for the father of this baby. Imagine, a son/daughter for a birthday present, whaaat! Hint: I better get a kickass birthday gift this year!

*sigh* so many joys of life that I have to give up until this baby is out. Like coffee; caffeine makes me urinate even more than I already am. and then, there’s sushi. OMG. I don’t know how am I gonna live without sushi. andwhen my baby grow up and read this now, I’m sure she’ll shed some tears of joy, because damn she’ll know how much I LOVE sushi! and I just got a fixed gear bike, which I have to ride with caution! and if possible I want to ride the hills, let my hands go and slide down the hill, feel the wind penetrate my hijab and feel FREEEEEE hahahaaha (dramatic much?).

and most of all, the joys of eating without worries. Now, I eat everything with caution. I keep asking myself if it’s good for my baby, does it have too much MSG, or preservatives in it.. bla..bla..bla… So much to learn, my brain has expanded twice its size since I suspected I’d be pregnant.

Gosh, it’s unbelievable how fast I got pregnant. We just decided to try mid January (after much contemplation on my end). And by the time we decided, my ovulation had already passed, so last cycle was out. Then, we tried for the first time in following month, and after a lot of baby dance (haha) and du’a, we scored! Way to go swimmers! I’m so thankful to Allah that we don’t have to go through painful challenges just to conceive, and I hope I’d be blessed with wonderful (and I mean less torturing) pregnancy and this baby will come out beautiful & healthy. Aminnn 😀


Mar 12 2013

BIG news! BFP!

I got a big news to share. Yep, a BIG ONE. I thought long and hard to blog about this (which made me evidently abandon my blog again). But now that I don’t have much readers, I become more comfortable to blog whatever the shit I want again.

So… I think I’m pregnant. (ok, wait WHAAAAT?) Well, actually, that’s what the pee strip says – BFP, big fat positive.

2013-03-12 10.35.54

Sorry for the poor photo. This was last Friday’s test, 0n my 5th day after my period was due. See the second line right there?  And if you still don’t get it, two lines mean BIG FAT POSITIVE.

I actually took an earlier test on my first day of aunt flo’s due and that’s was when I saw my first positive. The moment I saw it, my hands were shaking, I couldn’t believe what I saw that I actually keep looking at it for the rest of the day ensuring I wasn’t imagining. I quickly woke Eddie up and  showed him the positive strip and he couldn’t see the second line. We had Subuh prayers and he went to work like nothing happened. (how dare he! haha) He went back home and I showed him again and he could see the line. Phew, I was glad I wasn’t crazy. I can see that he was thrilled but he tried not to show it too much.

Since then, I peed on a stick every morning until Friday, because I really couldn’t believe I was pregnant. And also I got addicted to peeing on a stick. Plus, it was fun to see the colour change on the stick. Like magic. hahaha

I went to the doctor on that Friday, and the doctor said I’m supposed to be 5 weeks. But, since the doctor can’t see anything during the scan,  she said I may have ovulated later in this cycle. That means I might actually be 3-4 weeks. So I’m scheduled for another scan this Friday.

I can’t quite say how I feel, YET. Of course I’m excited, (are you kidding me? Think about all the fun baby shopping!!)  but I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’m baking a tiny being in my body. I used to think pregnancy is not normal (no, seriously). But then again, I think it makes more sense than pelicans delivering babies in baskets to couples.

It’s also hard to believe that I’m pregnant. I don’t have any morning sickness or whatsoever. Other than the 6 positive tests I’ve taken, the only symptoms I have are headaches & migraines in some days, frequent bathroom runs and my boobs went up a size overnight. Oh, not to mention, my body is bloating like I just gained 10kg in 3 days which is upsetting. Why do articles out there make bloating sound so petty? UGH!

Anyway,  it’s understandable that I become slightly obsessive about waiting for my next scan. In my mind at least. My sanity depends on whether the doctor can find the tiny sac. and there better be!

Fow now, I’m doing as much sunnah salat as I can, and rehearsing surahs for pregnant mothers, hoping this little one sticks, and grow into a perfectly healthy baby. Amin!

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