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Oct 19 2013

Kekabu Bed Set Covers (Baby DIY Project, part 2!)


For this particular project, I ordered my fabric online at Kewl Cotton. I came home yesterday from Friday brunch with Syad to find my package arrived on time! Yeaay! I was so excited to start on the project, and I immediately pre-washed the fabric. Luckily the weather was in my favour and the fabrics dried within an hour.

Just a note, I always pre-wash my cotton fabrics. Since this one doesn’t have much starch (which is great!) I didn’t have to soak it. So I only pre-washed it incase it shrinks (although the owner claimed this one doesn’t shrink) it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side!

I recommend this shop to get your cotton fabrics, she has some really cute designs! However, do be careful with the colours as the colours in her albums are not so accurate. Regardless, the owner is really nice and she helped me to match the fabrics according to the colours. Weee! It can be confusing to match colours on screen.

Anyhow, after sewing most of the evening, I finished this project this morning. Normally, I should’ve done it in shorter time, but being enormously pregnant, sewing was definitely a challenge. If it was not for my belly getting in the way, my feet would get bloated when I stay in the same spot. So I had to take a break every hour or so or I’ll have to walk like a zombie in the most awkward way. Not very elegant I would say.


Set Tilam Kekabu. I’ve been looking for it for a while. Found online ones, and they are pretty expensive. The good looking ones cost above RM200. So Eddie asked his mum incase she knows where to get them in Penang. And guess what, she got a set for us! Yeay, Alhamdulillah. She said Eddie’s aunt got this one on the roadside or something, just like that. Kekabu is really hard to find in the city.

My mum said it’s very rare nowadays. She put all of us on tilam kekabu when we were babies, and she even made it herself. She only had to make one set, and it lasted all through her 5 babies, only the covers changed. So, Alhamdulillah for this one. I hope this one will last as long too.


The set comes with two bolsters and two infant pillows. The first bolster was a pain, only because I didn’t know how to construct it. Once I figured it out though, it came easy.


The pillows.. I screwed up the measurements but I guess it worked. Just not as perfect as I envisioned it.

I had a lot of facepalm moments with this one.

First, the table light on the working table was mysteriously missing. I pretty much sewed the bed cover in the dark. My eyes almost went blind because I couldn’t see where the threads were going. After I was done, I realized the table lamp was sitting on the floor, right next to where I was sitting when I was measuring and cutting the fabric! WTF??!!! UGH HAHAHAHA. I facepalmed really hard. Literally.

Next, as I tried the bed cover on the tilam kekabu, I realized it needed velcro or some sort of closure to make it look neater from the top. So, I grabbed the thinnest velcro I had. Only, this velcro has glue on the back. I was happy to use it because of the convenience of the glue.

Then I started sewing the velcro on. It was great for a couple of stitches  before the problem arose. The machine stopped stitching! After much struggle, I realized that it was the glue getting to the needle and thread, thus making any stitch impossible. I had  12″ of velcro to sew on, and there were two pieces! I just, wanted to stab myself for getting into so much trouble. I should’ve just used the 2″ of regular velcro and saved me all these trouble.

Finally, no thanks to this preggo brain, I measured AND cut both of my bolster and pillow covers wrongly. The bolster covers were fortunate because I cut them bigger in size. So it was just the extra work. However, the pillow covers were 1″ short. And I had to compromise. Unhappy about it, but I had to compromise because I used up all my fabrics. and I hate compromising my projects! *architect in me talking LOL*

The conclusion is, I should’ve started making the baby projects earlier. Best is before 30 weeks. Being 37 weeks and trying to work, is definitely a challenge. For me, I just can’t avoid it. I was so busy before and now that I’m not, I’ve got this crazy eyes going on that I just HAD to make all these projects.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result (if I can forget the imperfect pillows). LOL. Now lets just focus on the cuteness of this tilam kekabu! Love! Hope my baby will love it. She’s got a dedicated (and crazy nuts) mummy  ;D

Oct 17 2013

DIY 2-in-1 Maternity & Nursing Pillow Tutorial

In my past entry, I talked about my baby DIY projects. I made a 2-in-one maternity nursing pillow and it was super comfortable! Now, since it made me very very happy, I would like to show you how I made it. If you are farmiliar with most of sewing technicals, this will be easy and simple to understand. For beginners, I’m sure you can do it too, although it may be a bit of a challenge to understand.

Before we begin, I would like to apologize for the poor image quality. It was middle of the night and I was too flustered to check the images I took. Or maybe it was just the preggo brain. haha



Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we? 

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Oct 13 2013

Baby DIY Projects (Awesome!)

I realized I’ve been neglecting my blog, yet again. So sorry guys. I was busy with work in the past, and since last 2 weeks, I’ve been busy with baby projects DIY! Yeaay!

Ever since I started working on baby DIY projects, I’ve been more and more excited about baby’s arrival. It made everything seems more real. I’m at 36 weeks at the moment, and honestly, sewing is a challenge when your tummy is in the way. It was much harder for me to measure, and cut fabrics especially. So that slowed down the progress.

Anyway, baby project #1:

1. DIY baby binder


Made 6 of these. My mum recommended me to make 10, to last between washes. I also made them in slightly varying sizes, only because I don’t know how small or how big my baby will be. It costed me RM1.60 for the ropes for all these. All the fabrics are scrap fabrics I found in my fabric stash. I was surprised to find that much cotton scraps in my stash, and they are all perfect for baby’s skin! It would cost RM5 each to buy at the stores for plain ‘ol white ones. I say, BORING!

I’ll probably make some more when I’m bored. It only takes me about 10 to 15mins to make one. So easy. 🙂

2. Baby travel nap mat.

This is for my baby to take a nap on when we’re visiting or out and about. This is not really a huge necessity. I mean whenever I’m travelling, I can just find a regular comforter and fold them for the baby but hey, I’m a stylish mama, I want my baby to look and feel stylish too! HAHA.


The straps keep all the components together; two pillows, a mat, and a blanket.


I added batting onto the blanket for extra comfort. I also made my own nap mat. The chevron and doll house fabrics are both Robert Kaufman’s fabrics. The pink pin polka dot fabric is English cotton from Jakel. 

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Aug 28 2013

DEMC Antenatal Class Review

It’s confirmed, we’re having a girl, InshaAllah! The next day I found out that we’re having a girl, I went to get pink baby clothes and little socks. They are really tiny so cute!

On other note, I’m now almost 30 weeks and honestly I’m really tired of being pregnant. It feels like an eternity only because I had to restrict myself so much (especially when it comes to food) and I hate it! Ugh!

Anyway, I want to share about an antenatal class I joined last Sunday at Darul Ehsan Medical Center, DEMC Shah Alam. It started at 9am-5pm. Let me go through the topics and the review. I hope this will be somewhat helpful for first time moms and moms-to-be out there.

Nutrition in Pregnancy

The dietitian was a little boring, her explanation was kinda vague. It was sufficient for most people, I must be honest. But for me, I’m always in for a little more in-depth details. I don’t mind doctors who throw common medical terms as I think nowadays the public is more educated and more aware of health.  If I don’t understand any of the terminologies, I would ask.

Nevertheless, this is a good time to ask the dietitian the myths about the no-no’s in pregnancy. Don’t be surprised that a lot of our grandmothers’ pantang-larang are busted!

Pregnancy & Labour Process

This topic was conducted by an ob-gyn. He was quite interesting and I loved that he explained things in great detail. Labour can be scary for first time moms (myself included) and personally, I would like to educate myself as much as possible about it. The more I know, the less scared I become.

So he basically explained what’s gonna happen in the labour room, the process, possible complications and how the doctors deal with them. All in all it made me scared of labour (HAHA) but the doctor was somehow more reassuring. So it made me feel slightly less nervous.

Pain Relief

This topic was, to me was an eye opener. We’ve heard the grandmother’s tale of epidural gives us long term side effects bla bla bla, apparently it’s just a myth! At first I totally didn’t want epidural. Now, once I know what epidural is, I’m sure as hell I’m gonna get that epidural. I mean, why suffer if you can save all the energy and pain to push the baby only when it’s REALLY needed?

I won’t tell you to take it too. But if you’re deciding, go to this class and come prepared with questions. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Even if you don’t want any pain relief, you should get informed about it in case your labour is not as easy as you’d hope for.

Care of Newborn

This was interesting but since I couldn’t imagine taking care of a baby, I didn’t really have any questions. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. However, it was good to know what do the hospital do to take care of newborn baby, the routine right after the baby is being born and such.

Also, I find it such a relief that DEMC is very pro breastfeeding. They will always return the baby to the mother within 30 minutes to one hour for the baby to be breastfed.

Successful Breastfeeding

This was the most entertaining talk ever. Pn. Jasmeen is soo hilarious. At first I was also deciding whether to breastfeed exclusively only because I heard all these pain and horror stories. But she taught us how to breastfeed successfully and successful breastfeeding should not be painful! So all the mothers who are in pain when breastfeeding are actually not doing it right.

Truthfully, reading about breastfeeding didn’t really help for me. I still couldn’t understand. However Pn Jasmeen explained it crystal clear and even made a demonstration using a dummy breast and a dummy baby. So it was very easy to understand. Note that I said UNDERSTAND. There are steps, but if you understand you will remember how to do it.

Breathing Techniques During Labour

This was also a helpful topic. This time we had to practice the breathing. It was quite enjoyable. I would recommend pregnant mums to practice this. I think it would be helpful. Make sure to bring your husband and it is very important for him to do the exercise also so that he will remind you in the labour room!

There was supposed to be a topic on Postnatal care which I was looking forward to. For some reason, they didn’t have that session on that day. I was quite disappointed. But I didn’t bother much because I was already so exhausted by then.

Overall, I think the RM120 fees (per couple) is so worth it. I highly recommend attending antenatal class. Not just DEMC but any antenatal class. Honestly, you don’t have the luxury to ask this much information during your doctor checkups because we only get 15 mins with doctor, MAX! This antenatal class is such a good time to address all your concerns regarding pregnancy and birth. The best time to go is during 2nd trimester, so you’ll prepare earlier. Third trimester is okay too.

Again, make sure you do your homework and have all your questions ready. No matter how stupid it sounds, chances are there are probably parents out there wondering the same thing.  It will be such a waste if you attend the class and go home only to realize you have a question!

You can check out more about this class at their website http://www.demc.com.my

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