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Oct 10 2014

My First Letter To My 18y.o. Daughter

My husband came up with this brilliant idea to create an email account for Sara. We will give her the password to her account when she turns 18. It feels like a time machine! and my husband has always wanted to build one.

We will send her love letters, pictures, tips and anything we could think of so that she will know what happened when she was still a baby. I have no idea how often we will do it, but it I hope she will read each and every single one of them. I hope we won’t go spammy! We can be kinda obsessed to her. LOL

Well, here’s my first letter to her.

Dear Sara, 

I hope this email finds you well.  and oh, Happy 18th Birthday!
Today is 10th October 2014 and it’s my second day of work, and also your second day with your babysitter. You’ve always been with me since the day you were born. I’ve always cared for you and I was there for all your needs. Now, leaving you with someone else’s care for work is a hard thing to do. 
Yesterday, I didn’t feel anything much cry except worrying that you won’t take your milk. and you didn’t. It really broke my heart. Luckily, you were not a big crier so it was a good relief. That evening, you smothered me with your hugs and kisses, and so did I. You had so much love. It was so beautiful.
However, today, as I handed you over, you cried hysterically. You knew that you wouldn’t spend your day with me. It saddened me to have to leave you but it is what life is. Sorry that you had to learn that early on. 
Sara, we have such high hopes for you. I wish that you will be a good human being, doing good, being a wonderful servant of Allah, and being happy girl. That is all we want for you.
I love you so much and I miss you. 


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