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Jul 16 2013

23 weeks pregnant and pretty big

After all the nausea, puking, backache (and getting worse), I’m finally at my 23 weeks of pregnancy! Oh, how time flies! I know, I say that a lot. But hey, it’s sooo true.

Even so, I still have 17 weeks to go. Before this, I had 30 weeks to go, and it felt like it was gonna be forever! Now, it doesn’t sound like forever, and I kinda wished I still had a few more weeks more go to than that.

I have to admit, although I do feel terrible admitting this. There are times where I wished I wasn’t pregnant, only because there are sooo many things I miss about not being pregnant.


Yeap, probably one of the big thing I miss the most. Unable to eat sashimi means that I can only look at pictures of sushi and crave. Yet nothing I can do about it, because I wouldn’t want to risk my unborn child to listeria, salmonella and whatnots.

2. Ability to drink water without getting nauseous. 

This one kinda suck. Because I am a big fan of drinking plain water. Now, I either have to drink really cold water or flavoured drink. Otherwise I’d probably throw up my dinner.

3. Stamina

Seriously, this extra weight infront of my tummy is making me use extra energy everytime I move. I wasn’t able to run up the stairs. I could, but I’d be panting like I just did a 5km marathon. Oh well, it’s probably my fitness decline because I do a lot less exercise now. I should try prenatal yoga.

4. Walking pace

I walk pretty fast for a Malaysian. If you know what I mean. Now, I walk slower than the elderly because my lower tummy and back hurts if I walk too fast. On some bad days, I have to sit and rest every 10 mins before walking/standing.

5. Choice of clothes

Well, enough said. It’s just too depressing to talk about it.

There are many, many reasons for me to miss not being pregnant. But I guess I’ll stop for now. Quite honestly all these 21 weeks, I kept thinking, why would anyone want to get pregnant? Sure, they want to have kids bla bla bla, but there are sooooo sooo friggin many sacrifices!  Perhaps, it’s just me being the least motherly person.

However, once I hit 22 weeks, I started to feel baby’s kicks, everyday.

Right there and then, I knew why people would want to get pregnant and have kids.

I then began to understand the bond between mother and unborn child.

I began to see the beauty of this experience that people were talking about.

Somehow, all the sacrifices are beginning to seem worthwhile, just because I’m finally able to feel there’s an actual human being inside me. No words can describe the experience. The sushi, the nausea, the pains, bloating and fat didn’t matter as much (ok, the fat part is kind of a lie. It matters a lil more haha).

I just can’t wait for my baby to be born because I want to see him/her.  🙂


Babybump at 19 weeks. My bump is probably slightly bigger than this


P.s, Special thanks to my friends who organized a baby shower dinner! Syad, Azima, Syida, Asma, Mira, Mediha, Usop, Shafiq, and my fellow preggy mom, Dee. Thanks so much!!! Muah muah!



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