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Nov 15 2009

A fragment of a girl’s mind

Hmm.. what should I write here. What, what, what. About the weird, random scribbling and drawings pasted on the walls in my house? Or, or, about Aida’s funny, smart quotes. But I talked too much about Aida, like I’m obsessed with her. Which is partly true. um, um, how about my assignments?. Oh wait, all done. yes!

hm… oh oh, I know! About… the shooting yesterday. Had lots of fun eventhough it was quite stressful handling the kids and so many people talking to me. But I haven’t gotten the pictures yet. =( Hmmm…. Oh I don’t have time to blog now. Need to edit video. but I’ll have my breakfast first. What should I have, huh? What does my tongue feels like…? I think I want… some cereals and milk, and some bread and chocolate spread. and I’ll make some strawberry smoothies like the one I made last night and it was scrumptious!

*flies to the kitchen*


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