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May 21 2014

A Pretty Comprehensive Malaysian Cloth Diaper Brands Review

Since my previous post on why we made the decision to change to cloth, I thought I should do a review on cloth diapers to help people make decisions. When I started CD-ing, it is quite hard to find good reviews on economical cloth diapers in Malaysia.

All the cloth diapers I’m reviewing are under RM50, because I simply won’t be able to justify the price of premium diapers. Designer prints, yes. They all end up being pooped on.

The brands that I’m reviewing are; TeddyGenius, Adora, Rumparooz, Bamboolite, Bayu diapers.

Baby’s profile: Sara, 6mo baby girl.

Build: Slim, slim waist with slight tummy. Medium thighs.

Wetting behaviour: Moderate

Part 1: OS Pocket Diapers

malaysia cloth diaper review-10

Pockets are close to disposable diapers. Except that there’s a pocket that you can insert an absorbent insert that’s gonna absorb all the moisture. The insert is inserted into the pocket because it can not touch baby’s skin. Below are the general pros & cons of One Size Pocket Diapers.


  • Prestuff pockets are more daddy/nanny friendly as stuffed pockets work like disposables.
  • Usually fast drying because the inserts come apart
  • Ability to customize absorbency by changing or doubling the inserts


  • You may have to pull out nasty insert out to prior to washing.  Although some pockets are designed so that it self agitate in the washer.
  • It’s bulkier and takes more storage space
  • Requires extra time to stuff the pockets before use.

Teddy Genius

malaysia cloth diaper review-11

Price: RM45 (currently on clearance for RM15)

Malaysian Brand, Made in China

These are Sara’s first pockets. We got them at clearance for just RM15 each! It comes with 2 microfiber inserts but I only ever use one. Two is too bulky.

Absorbency: 3-4 hours. (1 microfiber holds about 4oz)

Fit: Fits okay around Sara. However, due to Sara’s slim build, she gets a lot of wing droop, especially when she’s been active. It kept leaking and it was so frustrating. Then, I found a way to prevent it by fitting her better. It rarely happens now even when Sara is active, but it does take extra time to get a proper fit. I would say the fit is better on chunky babes.

malaysia cloth diaper review-13


can you see the wing drooping?

Longevity: After 2 months of wash, I find it doesn’t hold up very well. Some of the PUL are delaminating but it could have been due to miswashing in the early days when I wasn’t well informed. I was supoosed to wash in warm water, not hot.

Pros: Cheap way to build stash/for backup, does its job well, easy to stuff inserts, well made, good for chunky babies,

Cons: not the best for slim babies, not the best material

malaysia cloth diaper review-1

Verdict: I quite like them. However, I only use them when I know I’ll have to change her soon or when she’s going to take a short nap. Or, while waiting for clean diapers to dry. I will only use them at home. We’ve had wing drop once at a restaurant (and leaking of course) and I will never repeat that mistake again. If they incorporate a third snap on the hips, it would be better especially for slim babies.

Overall I do recommend this to add to your stash or for beginners.

Where to buy? Teddy Genius or go to their store at Ampang Point.


malaysia cloth diaper review-2

Price: RM30

I got them at 20% off. This one is charcoal bamboo with cotton & bamboo inserts. The cutting are about the same as TeddyGenius.

Absorbency: 3-4 hours (roughly 5oz plus)

Fit: Fits like TeddyGenius, except that it has snaps on the hips, thus preventing wing drop.

Pros: Hip snaps, works well, good absorbency, great for long naps, non-stain inner fleece material

Cons: Bulky, sometimes I get wicking through the legs, insert is slow to dry, wide crotch, poor workmanship

Verdict: This is the CD I reach for when I know Sara will take a long nap. Not a fan of the bulk for active baby, but the absorbency is great.  Quality is just average. I used to like it quite a bit, but now it’s neutral. After several washes the insert become so stiff, causing the crotch to be wide, no matter how I try to tuck it in.

Where to buy: OneBabyWorld


malaysia cloth diaper review-3

Price: RM86 (but I bought a secondhand for RM30 and it looks brand new!)

US brand, consciously made in China.

This one has a few extra features. First, the sizing fits newborn as it is adjustable to XS through L size. However the cutting is on the small size. Sara is on medium rise for other OS diapers but for this one, she’s already on the highest rise (L).

Then, it features double gusset. I love the double gussets, it makes it a good diaper for night-time and if your baby is still exclusively breastfed, the double gussets will help contain the messes.


Absorbency: Great to excellent for daytime. The insert is long so you can fold  to add absorbency. Need to double stuff for night time.

Fit: Fits my babe great.No wing droop, eventhough there’s no hip snaps. However, the cutting seems a tad smaller, so she might outgrow this before potty trained.

Pros: Double gussets, soft inner microfleece, lightweight outer PUL, great fit, great absorbency, quite trim at the crotch, high quality

Cons: expensive,  small cutting, bulky

Verdict: I love it, but it’s not my favourite. It is the bulkiest of all pocket diapers, perhaps due to the fluffy inner microfleece. It’s ridiculous to double stuff. However, I think that this is the most daddy/babysitter friendly diapers I own (great fit, easy aplix (velcro) closure, and reliability).  I would get more of these, if not because of the price tag. Or probably not. It’s too bulky.


Bayu Diapers

Price: RM30

Malaysian brand, Made in China. Hemp insert is made in USA.



These are my favourite pocket diapers. We have 7 of these. There are so many things to love about these diapers. I love the inserts, the outer PUL is lightweight and soft, the inner microfleece is soft and it fits great!  Each diaper comes with 1 4-layer microfiber insert and 1 large hemp insert. Hemp is super duper absorbent yet it’s so thin so it won’t add bulk.

Another thing I love is that the large pocket opening at the back, not only it makes it a breeze to stuff, you don’t need to touch the soiled insert before washing! Just shake the diaper and the insert will fall out. It’s genius!


I have to emphasize here, this is our CD NIGHT TIME SOLUTION.  The microfiber + hemp combo lasts 10-12 hours on her. It’s amazing, and considering I only paid RM30 for it, it’s a STEAL. I’ve always thought night time solution had to be expensive, thankfully, it doesn’t have to be.

Absorbency: Excellent for day & night time.

Fit: Excellent and easy to fit. Trim crotch, great for crawler and walker.

Pros: Less bulky, trim crotch, great fit, large pocket opening, leg gussets prevent leaks, great absorbency, hip snaps, value for money.

Cons: Might not be daddy/babysitter friendly because of hip snaps

Verdict: This is the first diaper I reach for at home. It’s also the diaper I would put on for outings, except that it’s a bit bulky in the diaper bag compared to AI2. They are great for crawler/walker due to the trim crotch. Really wish they came in aplix closure for daddy/babysitter friendly option.

malaysia cloth diaper review-9

UPDATE: I have gaven this to my husband to figure it out on his own, and he did, successfully. (He has very little clue about CD) So, if my husband can do it, I’m sure babysitters can figure it out too.


Part 2: All-in-Two (AI2) or Hybrid


Like the pockets, AI2 is also consist of 2 parts. A diaper shell and an insert called soaker. Except, instead of inserting an insert into a pocket, AI2 the soaker snaps onto the diaper shell. So, the baby’s bum will be touching the soaker directly. The wonderful thing about AI2 is, the diaper shell can be reused 2-3 times if not soiled by just changing the dirty soaker on top.

This system requires less space and is the ideal system for outings where you need to pack light.

Part 2: Bamboolite AI2

Price: RM55 (but I got ’em for RM39 /set. Extra soaker is RM22 each)

Malaysian brand & design, made in China.

sara clothdiaper aisyahrozi-2

This is also my favourite diaper. It’s the most foolproof and it almost never leak. The fit is great! It’s true sized. You can adjust the leg elastic to fit your baby’s size so it makes it a lot less bulky and fits better. I must admit adjusting the elastic was a pain because there’s no marking on the elastic so you have to guess A LOT, and readjust. However, once adjusted I can forget about it untill Sara outgrow the size.

malaysia cloth diaper review-8

Absorbency: EXCELLENT. The absorbency is the best. The perfect days can last up to 5 hours on her. Bamboolite also has premium ones for heavy wetter.

Fit: Excellent for day time & outing.

Pros: Excellent absorbency and fit, no leaking, not bulky, trim crotch, my go-to for outings.

Cons: The bamboo soaker takes a LONG time to dry, elastic is a pain to adjust, the snap-on soaker can be confusing for newbie/babysitter/daddy

Verdict: Love it, would buy it again, and ideal for outings. It fits in my small diaper bag, It’s affordable AI2 system (other AI2 dipes like Grovia, FLip,Lunatots are pricey!). We own 3 sets and extra 2 soakers.


With cloth diapers, reviews are only my opinions. It works differently on every baby because every baby is unique. It depends on their build, wetting behaviour (light/moderate/heavy) and parent’s lifestyle.

Cloth diapers are not “cheap”. They are affordable. You can cloth cheaply if you stick to flats & covers but let’s face it, in this modern world, who has time to do that? So, these modern CDs or modern cloth napies (MCN) are revolutionary inventions.

Hope you’ll find my reviews helpful. 😀


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