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Jan 11 2010

a random stuff.

This evening, I was home and bored, wondering what could I do to kill the time. Oddly, I had never feel bored to the core this holidays; my time was always filled with things to do, be it watching movies, hanging out, shopping or sewing. Oh, and also, day dreaming of course. Anyways, as I was thinking what to do (or perhaps what to blog about) I came across a tweet byย Nanyate onย what girlfriends vs boyfriends google on.

Go check it out, it’s hilarious. Then, I suddenly remembered what my brother tried to google:


HAHAHA KENTUT BERAPI pun ada orang google wtffff!

and if you think this is a super lame joke, shame on you!!! hahah.

btw, I’ll update you guys on my latest projects as soon as I got ze pictures aite? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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