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Sep 27 2009

A small cockroach decided to swim in my curry

I had roti canai with dahl curry this morning and halfway through, I saw a cockroach who conveniently decided to have a relaxing hot bath in my dahl curry and is now dead, possibly because the curry was too hot.

okay, now if you are too slow to catch the difference,Β Β I deleted everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. on purpose. It was hard at first, but I did it. Link exchangers, do let me know to put up your links, I’ve lost all the links. I didn’t make any backup.

Anyway, it looks very clean now. I like.

and.. about the car accident, I’ll post the pictures when I’ve got ’em from the police.

Now, let me re-introduce myself.

HELLO, my name is Aisyah Rozi.

nice to meet you.

ps, to those bloggers who have been plagiarizing my entries, go f* urself.
ps, the big ass font is done on purpose.


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