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May 11 2012

a week of awesomeness

It’s been ages since I logon to this blog and seeing all the comments, I was wondering what was my last post about?  By this post, it also means that I’m getting more sane. Guess what?! My mood is revived now that my husband came to visit me for a week!

So, what did we do? ehem ehem. *clears throat* yes, that. AND much more! 😀

#Day 1 : Arrival

Oh, funny story about his arrival. I wanted to pick him up at Southern Cross Station but that would mean skipping my class, so he told me he will call me instead. I was expecting his call atleast by 10am but 11am, and there was still nothing. Worried, I went to Southern Cross Station all the way from my class (at Melbourne uni) to wait for him but he was nowhere at sight. Feeling more anxious I called up AirAsia to enquire about the flight (HAHA) when suddenly I got a call in and it was him. He told me he was already in Uni! haha. I was relieved but also felt like slapping myself for going all the way to the station and lost 30mins worth of time I could already be seeing him!

Anyway, I was really glad I saw him. We went back to my place, I let him rest and that night we had sushi for dinner. That night we were staying over at a senior’s house who’ve kindly let us stay in their house while they go out on a vacation.


#Day 2 : Walk in Museum

I must say that we’re both fan of museums and I purposely didn’t go to the museum just so I could go there for the first time, with him eventhough it’s free for students. Now, we were impressed  with the lengths they went through to make the museums look as cool as possible!

Most of the the things in museum were about the history of Australia, which were very interesting. I could go on and on about what’s in the museum but let’s not make this post super long. I highly recommend you checking out the museum if you’re in Melbourne though.

That is one scary fish! It’s not real though, but it looks like it, right??

Impressive digital vending machine. :p


Funny thing is when we went to the museum, they were having an antic art show for $34 while it was supposed to be free for students. So out of frustration, we walked out until we realized we went into the wrong building! And it was right next to the Melbourne museum. I knew how the museum looked like but I guess I was too early in the morning and I was still in slumber. Hahaha.

Day #3: Brighton Beach

We went there by train. It was about 1 hr 15mins in total, including tram ride to Melbourne central.


yea, we took a HELL lot of photos with those cute little houses, which I MIGHT upload on facebook.

Then we had our first little picnic on the hill by the beach. It was pretty amazing. The wind was blowing in our faces, the weather was chilly, but it was perfect and the sky was blue and it was all perfect! I know I said perfect twice, I just loved it. 🙂


Day #4: Shopping!

of course, this is the main event for Malaysian travellers. On this day, we also checked in to an apartment hotel in Melbourne’s CBD first thing in the morning. Kinda.

We took the tram to Southwharf DFO (direct factory outlet) from FLinder’s street.

It’s right beside Melbourne convention center, and we are both fan of the building! I personally think it’s an impressive building. Oh well, it’s probably because I’m into distorted reflection lately. :p


Of course, it was really tiring. I didn’t buy anything, as I was just being a tourguide for Eddie. Plus, I prefer to shop alone. Hate to rush into making decisions because someone is waiting for me. =p But still, I wish I had bought the watch I saw.. but was contemplating cause Eddie wasn’t convinced it would last long. haha.

Oh well.


That night, we had dinner at Nando’s!

Eeek! My face shows how tired I was at that time. =p

Eddie and his gun =D

Day #5  Shopping & Avengers date!

Unfortunately on this 5th day, I have classes I had to attend to. And I did. So we only went to Harbour town, another shopping destination. We did have lunch at Papa Rich with my friends (yes, me and my friends are seriously craving for Malaysian food!) and luckily, Papa Rich there was pretty good. It’s expensive for Malaysian though, the chicken chop is $10.90 while in Malaysia you can get it at the same price, except in RM.

Then, that night, we had an avengers date! We had dinner at Pancake Parlour and they serve fantastic pancakes, I’m not kidding.

Avengers was awesome. But not THAT awesome. Guess since everyone kept saying that and we had a very high expectation. Also, funny thing (again!) when we went into the cinema, Avengers were already showing and it was at the end! We kinda panicked and double checked our tickets. Turns out they changed the cinema and we were brought out by a staff and pointed into the right cinema (we bought our tickets 2 days in advance). Also, there were unfortunate sound problem at the end of the movie, so we were given a free complimentary pass, without expiry date, and eligible for Bean bag and 3D movie. How awesome! Eddie gave me his, and I’m planning to use it when my sister comes in July 😀

Day #6: Departure day

On this last day he was here, we spent our quality time together. He only went out to shopping when I had to attend my class for two hours. I cooked him dinner on his request. I’m proud of it because he said it was delicious, yeaah *sunglasses*.

At the airport, we had our last Mc Donald’s ice cream and hot chocolate drink (we’ve been having a lot of those during this week). We hugged, we kissed, we said our goodbyes. I tried very hard to contain my tears, but it shed anyway (it could’ve been worse, for sure). He reassured me many times that we’ll be seeing each other soon, and it helps me feel better.

It was really sad to see him left. It has been a phenomenal week for us. Like I twitted, I couldn’t bear seeing him leave me, so I made my steps first and watched him pass through the passport control from afar. However, at the same time, I’m really glad he came to visit. I truly appreciated it. It made me feel grounded and grasped to reality; that he’s not a dream, but real. Yeah, I know that might not make sense to you haha.

And more importantly, it made me realize how our love have grown stronger than ever. <3



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