Hi, my name is Aisyah Rozi. This is my personal blog where I share my life experience, thoughts, ideas and occasionally, my projects. Recently, however, I share a lot about being a young mother. I'm also a YouTuber, so do checkout my channel! <3



Hi. My name is Aisyah Rozi.

I’m a shopaholic and chocolate addict. Currently studying Architecture.

I laugh a lot to a point that it can become uh… what’s the word… oh, I believe it’s annoyingandretarded.

In case if I mention the name Aida a lot, she’s my 7-year-old sister. Yes, she’s the cutest little hobbit ever. And yes, she’s annoying. And no, she’s not my only sister.

Please message me upon adding me on facebook, or I wont approve especially if you are ugly. Thank you. 🙂


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