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Mar 26 2014

An amazing adventure of Skytrex

Last Sunday, I attended Skytrex with Bloggers event organized by Salam Media. Skytrex is a forest challenge where you have to complete a series of challenges high above the ground. So, since all participants are adults, Salam Media opted for the most challenging one, consisting of 34 challenges and up to 22mtrs high.


We arrived at Taman Bukit Cerakah at 1.45pm. It was a beautiful sunny day, clear sky, Alhamdulillah. After waiting for everyone, we took a bus to get to the skytrex. There is a shuttle bus exclusively for skytrex. Azlan, the person in charge for Skytrex brought us there. After going to the loo, signed the release form, and get everything else sorted out, we went ahead to get our harnesses on.


There were several staffs there to help everyone get  into their harnesses. I really appreciate that they paid careful attention and ensuring that everybody’s harnesses are worn correctly and secure. Next, it was the safety briefing. We weren’t allowed to do anything else except paying attention, as when you are 22mtrs high, safety is indeed, number one priority.


Mini course to practice before the real deal.


This is the first challenge: Pipe ladder. Let me tell you about this ladder, it was probably the toughest challenge! I stopped so many times halfway because a) I was getting dizzy from the height, and b) it was physically challenging! I was almost hyperventilating and all. It made me realize that I have no upper body strength! hahahaha

flying fox

Then, it was turn for the first flying fox. Shit.

First, the really high, vertical ladder. Now I have to go on flying fox? Sure, it sounds fun, it it’s frigging high!!  It took me about a min or two to take the plunge. My adrenaline was pumping. I was so nervous, I clumsily packed my camera into my bag. After double checking the pulley and carabiner, Bismillah and I let go.  ohhh, I screamed my heart out but deep down, I enjoyed the amazing scenery!

I’m glad the they had the flying fox first. After that, my nervousness subsided, and I felt like I could do anything! Bring it ON! (Yea, it was probably adrenaline rush).





You are not always alone. From platforms to platforms there are instructors that will guide you incase you can’t figure out how to do the challenge. They were all very positive and encouraging.



Honestly, at halfway through, I thought I couldn’t do it. I almost wanted to give up. But somehow, I managed to complete all the challenges. Alhamdullillah. So, I believe, given that you don’t have any health issues, the extreme challenge is definitely do-able. If you want fun or thrill, you can go for the Big Thrill. But if you want adrenaline rush and real challenges this is for you.

Take it from me, I haven’t really worked out since I got pregnant, and 4 months post partum, I can do this. Skytrex is definitely an international standard if you ask me. All the staffs and instructors are friendly and very positive. They take safety very seriously and they always know what to do incase of any emergency.

During that day, there were three people that had to be brought down because they fainted and the instructors got them to the ground very quickly and efficiently.

Honestly, at the end of the day I was so beaten up. HOI, TAK LARAT MAK! hahahahha


Last but not least, group picture!!! It was heartwarming to see that most participants voluntarily changed into the t-shirts given by Salam Media. Thank you so much for those who came. I really enjoyed meeting with new people. It was nice. 🙂

Truly, Skytrex was an amazing experience. It was such an achievement. Thank you Skytrex and SalamMedia for this opportunity.


Disclaimer: This activity was sponsored by Skytrex and Salam Media but all opinions are mine.


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