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Mar 27 2011

..and more rabbits :s

Hello, hello, hello. *voice of Count Olaf*

If you don’t know who Count Olaf is, you should… might as well kill yourself google it

So… AS REQUESTED by many of you, here’s recent video of my rabbits!

*whispers* well, actually, only one person requested it. HAHA :”>

I hate to mention this but I wish I had muted the video and replace it with some music, but I like the sound of the birds chirping. Actually I wish I kept my mouth shut. So, please don’t pay attention to what I was saying. :s Well, here goes.

(Special plug for lovely Aneesah for being awesome. and for still reading my blog after all these years. and for encouraging Β the bunny videos hehehe *winks*)

p.s, I watched Khurafat today and can’t help having a WTF face for the whole evening. What a waste of time. I’d rather watch Repunzel, for the second time in a day.

p.p.s, I’m trying very hard not to type; ‘I got so much fatter now and I’m depressed bla bla bla…’ Oops, I just did.


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