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Oct 13 2013

Baby DIY Projects (Awesome!)

I realized I’ve been neglecting my blog, yet again. So sorry guys. I was busy with work in the past, and since last 2 weeks, I’ve been busy with baby projects DIY! Yeaay!

Ever since I started working on baby DIY projects, I’ve been more and more excited about baby’s arrival. It made everything seems more real. I’m at 36 weeks at the moment, and honestly, sewing is a challenge when your tummy is in the way. It was much harder for me to measure, and cut fabrics especially. So that slowed down the progress.

Anyway, baby project #1:

1. DIY baby binder


Made 6 of these. My mum recommended me to make 10, to last between washes. I also made them in slightly varying sizes, only because I don’t know how small or how big my baby will be. It costed me RM1.60 for the ropes for all these. All the fabrics are scrap fabrics I found in my fabric stash. I was surprised to find that much cotton scraps in my stash, and they are all perfect for baby’s skin! It would cost RM5 each to buy at the stores for plain ‘ol white ones. I say, BORING!

I’ll probably make some more when I’m bored. It only takes me about 10 to 15mins to make one. So easy. 🙂

2. Baby travel nap mat.

This is for my baby to take a nap on when we’re visiting or out and about. This is not really a huge necessity. I mean whenever I’m travelling, I can just find a regular comforter and fold them for the baby but hey, I’m a stylish mama, I want my baby to look and feel stylish too! HAHA.


The straps keep all the components together; two pillows, a mat, and a blanket.


I added batting onto the blanket for extra comfort. I also made my own nap mat. The chevron and doll house fabrics are both Robert Kaufman’s fabrics. The pink pin polka dot fabric is English cotton from Jakel. 


Two pillows, one infant size, another in toddler size. This nap mat can be used until my baby is 2 or 3 years old.

Thanks to Melissa for this wonderful nap mat cover tutorial. The only difference was that I used batting in the blanket, and I made my own nap mat. It was a really fun project to do!


3. Maternity & Nursing Pillow

Yes, I saved the best for last. This one is a truly, truly useful one. It is so so, SO comfortable beyond my expectation! The only regret I have is that I hadn’t made this sooner. The moment I was finished with it, I just wanted to slap my own face. I mean, it was sooo easy, how come I didn’t make this earlier! UGH!

I whipped this in just 3 hours. Here’s the breakdown of the costs:

– Synthetic filling – RM7 for 1/2kg

– Pillow fabric – RM6.90 (1 mtr of 60″ wide cotton)

– Cotton fabric for the cover – Rm38 (1 mtr of 60″ wide was used)

Total cost: RM51.90

The best thing is, I didn’t even buy the fabric for the cover, I found it in my stash. I bought it long time ago, and I believe that was the price. So, I only spent RM14 for this.  I saw this same pillow (not sure if the shape is the same but it has the same function) and it retails for RM140 – RM200! Whaaaat. I saved almost RM150?!

Ok, as for the features, this nursing pillow is great because it doubles as pregnancy pillow and omg, it is SOOO comfortable! I can sleep so much better now.


Boomerang shaped, perfect for sleep support during pregnancy.


The best part is, it’s multi functional. I can tie it around my waist and gives back support. Or I could just sit on it to support my bum. As a nursing pillow, tying it around my waist gives me both back support and support my baby’s head so that I can nurse more comfortably. How awesome is that?? This is so much better than the traditional u-shaped pillow.

I had such a good time working on these projects. As for the nursing pillow, I will post a tutorial on how to make them and help you ladies save some moneyh!


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