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Oct 18 2011

Back! and married.

So I’m back. After all those years. and guess what? I’m married!!!!!!!!! haha. okay, I’m sure if you follow my blog u’d already know that.

Now, let’s see what happened to me. Or my blog. Not necessarily in order.

#1 layout change, obviously.

The previous layout I had for centuries made me puke a few times so I had to change it to get my blogging mojo back. Well, I did not design this layout. I upgraded to wordpress 3.2, downloaded the theme and installed it. Made a quick header and that’s it.

#2 I got married

… to this one guy who turns out to be the love of my life.

It can pretty challenging at times. But I’m truly happy to marry my better half. Actually, I still can’t believe I’ve been married for a month and a week. I mean, we still haven’t picked up the marriage certs yet! haha.

#3 I got fat
Well, that’s nothing new, really. I’ve never been skinny, that’s actually it. But It’s frustrating cause I lost few kgs during the fasting month but now I’m slowly going back to my “normal” weight which I despise. argh. wanna cry. ok. stop.

Well, there’s actually quite a few things going on like college, assignments and other stuffs. pfftt. yeaah. Anyway, I’m a bit in a rush now. Spent so much time on the blog maintenance, I need to.. hm.. do my assignments. Hope to update this blog more often! Until then xx



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