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Mar 27 2010

Bad girlfriend, I am.

#1 I asked him to fetch me all the way to KLIA. He was in Subang Jaya at that time and had to send me home all the way to Shah Alam, and go back to his house in KL. To make it worse, we weren’t even in a relationship at that time.

#2 I scolded him for taking the wrong turn while it wasn’t actually wrong, it was just an alternative route. He obviously did not deserve the scolding at all. I overreacted.

#3 On the same day I scolded him, I stepped on his glasses and broke em. Don’t ask me how, but that’s what happened. Now, he had to allocate an extra cost for something he did not account for.

#4 I let him pay and didn’t even offer to pay for movies and food while I know I broke his glasses.

#5 I made him drive to Kelana Jaya with me to get something to eat while we could’ve driven there with our own cars so that both of us could drive straight back home without coming back to Subang to get his car. In short, I made it difficult for him. Plus he was tired and his vision gets worse  at night (refer  to #4).

#6 I text him a lot, and once I got so excited and spammed him the same message for 7 times. I feel guilty each time I text him when I know his working but I do it, still.

#7 The fact that he has to put up with my incredibly annoying behavior and to handle my occasional hyperactive moments.

#8 And the fact that he has to deal with my slight bitchiness and erratic responses during my emo moments. When I’m stressed with assignments that is. or when I’m lack of sleep.

So, what I mean to say, is that I’m taking too much of his time, and I make it difficult and inconvenient for him. Heck, I don’t even have to do anything -I’m just naturally, incredibly annoying.

Anyway, here is one weird thing. Really weird thing. At the end of the day, despite all that, he still says that he loves me. and that, I find it really amazing.

Sorry for being such a jerk sometimes, hun. I really am. I love you.

p.s, Omg this list concludes that I’m such a bad girlfriend. Now that you’ve read this list, would you date someone like me? haha
p.p.s, the list doesn’t end here. There are a few more.


  • AngkatKaki

    1. That was your way of saying you miss him. As reluctant as he ways, he didn’t want anything bad to happen to you. So he fetched you although it was a long drive home.

    2. Some people likes efficiency and hates wasting time. I bet if it was only you and him, alone in the car, you wouldn’t even care which turn he took.

    3. He quickly asked you to get up. Not because he wanted to see the glasses, but he feared that you might get a cut.

    4. No comment.

    5. He knew you’d be alone and bored, so he opted to ride in the same car. Too bad, due to his tireness, the gesture back fired.

    6. He doesn’t even mind. He thought it was the Telco’s problem.

    7. During your hyper active moments, he was more concerned of your surroundings. E.g. you might run into a wall or a person or a kid. So he spent most of his time watching your back.

    8. He shares your concern. He is willing to spare his free time just to entertain your bitchiness.

    Despite all that, I should really stress to you, a relationship is a partnership. It takes two to tango. So, for every wrong turn you made, he’ll compensate, likewise, you should do the same. Not in his way, but your way.

  • haha welcome to the jiwang side

  • jiwang bitch on the loose! HAHA

  • Hanzolah

    You should change yourself. No man can live consistently with annoyances and nuisance. It’ll drive him crazy. Treat him well, if you really really love him.

    There’ll be time when you’ll be wearing auntie’s bra. Be thankful for a man’s patience and give back. We make mistakes, and we also correct ourselves later.

    May you both live happily ever after.

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