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Aug 29 2010


Story about my mum and my 8 y.o. sis, on a fine sunny day, perfect for baking. Or taking a nap.

Aida: Umi, umi, nak buat cake!

Umi: oh, nak buat cake apa?

Aida: Nak buat chocolate blueberry cake! Ni ada resipi ni.

Umi: mana, nak tengok.

*Aida gave mum a recipe she had written down*

Umi: Cake apa ni Aida? Masuk 5 biji telur… hm… kenapa pelik resipi ni, macam nak buat pancake je?

Aida: Buat la umi, buatlaaaaa!

Umi: Aida dapat mana resipi ni?

Aida: oh, Aida reka sendiri. hehehe..

Umi: =___=”

Aisyah: =___=”


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