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Feb 10 2017

Before I was a Mother

Before I was a mother,
I slept late every night, and wake up anytime I wanted,
A cup of raspberry tea for relaxation,
Never woken up by anyone who needs attention

Before I was a mother,
The morning breeze is rejuvenating,
A cup of coffee is a bliss,
Never have to instantly wake up to mothering,
Going to work is only as bad as the traffic is,
No morning is rushed to the nursery.

Before I was a mother,
Carefree, never knew about worry,
Worrying about so many,
The staircase, the daily mess, choking hazard,
Allergies and rashes and a sick day.

Before I was a mother,
I was brave,  always exploring,
Never have to battle frivolous conflict,
..with a small kid,
Now, even a simple task seems daunting.

Before I was a mother,

Time is mine,
I work, read, showered and rest at my own time,

My body is mine,
Never have to surrender nursing in the night,

My mind is mine,
No cries to hear, my sanity stays undefiled.

Before I was a mother,
I never felt so much pain,
Hurts as I cry in agony,
Greater than labour, in despair,
out of love, sometimes of misery.

Before I was a mother,
I never knew how big my heart can be,
Loving them as tough as they can be,
For they are as sweet as honey,

Blessings, indeed,
I must convince.

Amira (baby) and Sara


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