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Oct 31 2010

Blurry girl.

After Isya’ prayers at the mosque, my 8 y.o. sis and I dropped by at the nearby convenient store. My sister was pissing me off because she was doing her usual annoying attitude. I wanted to hurry back home but she was so undecided. Then, after she (finally) decided what she was going to have, I went straight to the cashier.

The cashier put everything in the plastic bags. All my breads, chocolates, and milk. Then at the last minute, I added some ice creams.

After that, because I was really rushing home, I grabbed three packs of bread which I thought was mine and put it in my plastic bag, when I was about to pay. Suddenly a guy said,

“I’m sorry, those are mine”

I looked over, and there stood a guy in front of me.

“OH! I’m so sorry” I apologized and quickly took out the breads.


“It’s okay” He chuckled.

I was sooooo embarrased!

First, I was clumsy.

Second, I was wearing my telekung. In case if you’re too slow to catch, clumsy + ugly = bad.

Third, he was cute. Not that I wanted to flirt with him or anything like that. But the fact that you make a fool out of yourself in front of a cute guy, is just plain darn embarrassing. Not that ugly guys dont matter, but… yeah. It’s a girl thing, maybe. hahaha,

I didn’t stop blushing until I finished my M&Ms.

Gosh. I hope I will never stumble upon that guy again. He’d probably remember of me as some random ugly girl, which, I dont think he’d even remember in the first place. Phew!

Anyway, I’m very prone to accidents and embarrassments. So, what the heck.

Ok, now, back to work.

P.s, two posts in a day, huh? What are the odds? :p
So the point is? It was so embarassing. I dont even know if it’s even funny.