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Sep 30 2009

BRB next year, IF i’m lucky!

Ok,  I thought when I delete my blog, I’ll update more. But now, I’ve been too busy doing assignments, I don’t have time for anything else. I’ve been going to college at 8am and come home at 10pm for three days now. By nighttime, I can’t go out cause I already got worn out. And tomorrow I’m going to Cameron Highlands for two days. Come back, finish the models.


Sorry ah if I gave any of you false hopes. Don’t cry don’t cry, go get yourself an ice cream. 🙂

oh, there was an earthquake today and the college building shook, and had to be evacuated. Everyone grabbed their handbags and got out but we grabbed out handbags AND our precious, precious models. Isaac is even worse, he even packed EVERYTHING, the tools and stuffs into his massive bag cause he doesn’t want to buy everything back (which is very expensive) in case if something happens. HAHA. I didn’t see any culinary kids bringing their knives out.

Architecture students are so funny.  Apparently, we love our tools and models more than our lives.


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