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Feb 03 2010

Budak-budak jakun on the loose.

We had a 3-hour lunch break today. Initially we wanted to have McDonald’s but when Cindy suddenly mentioned the word meatballs, we wanted to have some at Ikea. So we, Cindy, Meera, Danang, Muiz and I drove there. When we got there, it turned out ze meatballs would only be served at 11.30am so we took a lil’ tour around Ikea and played around macam budak-budak hitam yang jakun. hahahah.


Meera, Cindy and me. Oh love those fluffy things. So, so comfyyy. xD


Danang and me


Everyone in the toilet together all happy! hahahah


and yeah, we actually lied and took photo in this small little showroom. And at the very moment when this picture was taken, there was a bald guy standing at the side staring at us. hmm...


This is how a momma (Meera) and two children look like in the kitchen. hahah


All of us had meatballs! yeay!

After we had our meatballs we quickly drove back to college, and got there *almost* in time, thanks to Meera’s good experience in driving and her reliable sense of direction especially in avoiding traffic jams. Way to go Meera! hoho :p

Gonna have as much as random short outings before our works get piled up! Or, until we all get broke. hahah. It’s early of the month, everyone is rich. for now.

Pictures credit to Danang


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