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Jul 29 2013

New WordPress theme: Minty

I decided to be a good girl and re-designed my blog. Woot woot! I think I deserve some claps, it’s been long due. It’s quite a quicky job, I usually take a week to finish a theme.  This baby took me 4 days. I may be a snail at coding, so please don’t judge. Being fickle minded certainly did not help. And sometimes I argue with myself whether to add that 1 pixel detail no one would notice.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.16.09 PM

Why Minty? Simply because the main colour is mint green. I’ve been wanting this colour to wear for coming Eidulfitr, but I couldn’t find one that is pregnant-friendly, so I had to compromise with my all time favourite colour, pink. Hence, to satisfy that need to own something of mint green, this theme was born.

Speaking of pink, did you notice I did not abandon my pink color for this theme? The coral pink does go pretty well with mint green, don’t you think? If you see some glitches and minor inconsistencies, do not panic. I’m still tweaking some minor details of this theme.

I’m so excited now, I love this theme! And will probably love it more once it’s done 100%! ;D


Mar 17 2013

Youth, City & Lifestyle

One of the group that generates economy is the youth. Where there are a lot of youth, that area will bloom in short amount of time. For example, when there’s a university, the surrounding area tend to grow rapidly than areas where there are no universities. So, it’s no surprise that credit card companies are targeting youths to use credit card.

So, my proposal for a youth credit card is emphasizing the lifestyle of youth such as shopping malls, recreation (cycling, hiking, snorkling), travelling, and eating. This time of youth, where there are far less responsibilities than adults, and being at legal age, it is an ideal time for exploration. Which explains why the youths spend their free time to go out and do something fun.

And, let’s be honest, when there’s fun, so are costs. Even something free, such as cycling costs a bike, or hiking needs petrol money to get there. Sometimes, carrying cash is not ideal, as it’s bulky, and risky, with all the crimes going on nowadays. As a plus, parallel to youth’s spontaneity nature, credit card allows them to pay for an activity they didn’t plan on, which makes it more fun!

Hence, my credit card design is intended to have  a fun vibe, while still sending a message without being serious. The city serves as a place for the youth to spend their time (hence, money).  This unrestricted flow of the design signifies the youth’s spontaneity. However it still follows a loose grid, suggesting that youths are not always all about fun & being spontaneous, but also being responsible for their own spending. The unique overall character of this design, gives a sense of expression to the youth, thereby helps to encourage the use of this card.


Thank you Nuffnang for this contest, it was a fun one. And may the best design wins! Also, thank you to my husband for a lot of help with this design. 😉


Aug 07 2012

just a little bit more.

So, it’s been like forever since I last posted which was prior to my winter break. Now, it all over, and it’s nearing spring in just a couple of weeks. I’m already in my third week of semester, and damn, time flies! Seriously, things have been pretty busy for me. I guess this is what final semester is all about *insert sigh here*.

Winter break was well spent in Malaysia. I realized nothing could replace the time I can spend with my family and my husband. They are the bestest people I could spend my time with. My husband and I, we spent so much time together, and I it made me realize how happy and special he makes me feel. Seriously, there hasn’t been a day where he didn’t make me laugh when we’re together.

Ok, enough about my husband before I get all TMI*. hahah. Melbourne is just as perfect as it was. I love it here, and I’m coping much better than I did last time. It feels like the norm to see my husband through the screen again. Yeah, weird, I know. I’m surprised myself.

This semester is gonna be crazy. Starting next week, I’ll have submissions every week, and the studio workload may be overwhelming, if I slack a little. I’m doing a showroom for race cars, especially used and/or won cars with a minigolf on top (it’s part of the brief). It’s an exciting project where they allow us to sort of let loose, and have fun with it, which is great!

I sketched this car, hoping to learn and be inspired for my project. It’s a very rough and possibly amateur sketch, but whatever, it’s my first time sketching a car, and for some reason I thought I made the right choice to use ink.


Fortunately, my tutor loved my ideas, and I hope I can continue to make him excited about it. hoho. Thanks to my husband for suggesting race cars, I think it’s a brilliant idea and it fits the rough ideas I have in my head.

Man, I can’t believe I’m in my last semester. Just a little bit more.

…until Master.

p.s, it feels awkward to write again after so long

Jan 17 2012

[sewing] makeup bag and clutch!

So I’ve been itching to make bags since forever, but never really knew where to start. So, since last Saturday, I’ve started to make bags starting from making small pouches just to practice.

Then, I found this tutorial on how to make an envelope makeup bag, and I just sewed away!

It’s a simple bag and I’m satisfied with how it came out. In between of teaching my husband to sew, helping him make his own laptop sleeve and making mine, I then inspired to design a clutch using the same method of construction, almost. It’s a hobo-inspired, rounded clutch whatever you want to call it.

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