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Feb 17 2014

Extreme Challenge? ME LIKEY!

When it comes to extreme challenge, I’ll be the first to jump in! Why? Because I’m an adrenaline junkie, that is.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get the opportunity, that’s why I REALLY want to win free Skytrex tickets by SalamMedia.

I LOVE challenging myself, especially when it comes to height factor. It can be quite scary, but hey, that’s the challenge; to face your fears! Skytrex is forest challenge high above the grounds, and that’s SO my kind of challenge!

Other than that, I’m also a roller-coaster junkie and I LOVE white water river rafting. So yeah, I REALLY REALLY, REALLY want to win the Skytrex tickets! I maybe a mommy now, but that won’t stop me getting my adrenaline rush!

The best part is, SalamMedia is giving away 50 free tickets (1 person wins 2pax -that means 25 winners). So, there’s high chance of winning there! Try your luck, guys!

Aug 06 2013

Nak kena rotan ni

Since I installed a new stats plugin, I’m able to track where my hits are coming from. Just to gauge where my visitors come from, that’s all. Now, I have to admit, it’s funny how the most common search term is ‘bontot besar’.


Ish ish ish.. Bulan puasa tak habis lagi ni. Naughty naughty!!!


Aug 03 2013

Minty official release. yummyyy

I thought I lost the screenshot of my old Scrapbook wordpress theme. To my own surprise, however, I made a  backup of my old blog before I deleted it. So, I uploaded that theme and tried it on wordpresss live preview. Ta-da! Of course, there are broken things like the far too big of an image below because this theme was crafted in 2008, and back then responsive design was not even thought of.


Then, I made a small modifications to the theme to add another sidebar widget and removed the image post thumbnail.


And, that was probably the last wordpress theme I ever made. In 2008. UN-BELIEVABLE.

Now, it’s 2013 and welcome to the era of responsive webdesign, flat design, and  user experience. Here’s to this yummy Minty wordpress theme! Yeay! Oh, I’m so proud of myself *flips hair* hahaha. So, this theme is based on vintage style, in a more simplified way. I don’t want it to look ‘heavy’. I guess the current Flat Design trend has it’s influence on this one.

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Jul 29 2013

New WordPress theme: Minty

I decided to be a good girl and re-designed my blog. Woot woot! I think I deserve some claps, it’s been long due. It’s quite a quicky job, I usually take a week to finish a theme.  This baby took me 4 days. I may be a snail at coding, so please don’t judge. Being fickle minded certainly did not help. And sometimes I argue with myself whether to add that 1 pixel detail no one would notice.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.16.09 PM

Why Minty? Simply because the main colour is mint green. I’ve been wanting this colour to wear for coming Eidulfitr, but I couldn’t find one that is pregnant-friendly, so I had to compromise with my all time favourite colour, pink. Hence, to satisfy that need to own something of mint green, this theme was born.

Speaking of pink, did you notice I did not abandon my pink color for this theme? The coral pink does go pretty well with mint green, don’t you think? If you see some glitches and minor inconsistencies, do not panic. I’m still tweaking some minor details of this theme.

I’m so excited now, I love this theme! And will probably love it more once it’s done 100%! ;D


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