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Apr 22 2017

Happyganics Products Review – laundry detergent & bottle cleanser

Happyganics is a plant-based brand and the products are made in USA. I think they just started selling in Malaysia because I’ve never heard of them before. If you know me, I’m a huge natural products fan. I’m all for natural skincare and (natural food!). We have been using all-natural laundry detergents and bottle cleanser of different brands before, so it’s definitely not new to me.

Not only it’s better for us, but it’s better for the planet too. The chemicals from the detergent that are being dumped to the drainage system can be harmful for the earth.

Anyway, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve been using these products and I have to say I love them!

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. I mean, tin container? And that cute graphic – I totally love them! They look so cute on the counter and I love looking at the packaging. I don’t know if it’s a designer thing, but does anyone else cares about product packaging? haha.


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Dec 02 2016

Tips Kurus Tanpa Diet Pt. 1

Semalam saya tanya di facebook cara nak slim tanpa diet. Ramai juga yang berminat nak tahu rupanya.

Saya cerita ringkas dulu ye, banyak ilmu ‘diet’ hack ni sebenarnya. Pertamanya kena ubah mentaliti. Jangan diet! Sebaliknya, kita ubah cara hidup & pemakanan kita.

Mentaliti pula, kena kental sebab kita nak sihat. Bila kita dah selalu makan makanan sihat, kita makan benda yang tak sihat, kita akan rasa ‘disgusted’.

1. Fahami konsep KALORI.


Cuba google sikit pasal kalori intake ni. Fahami concept input vs output. Input mestilah bersesuaian dengan ‘daily caloric needs’. Kalau calorie needs kita iala

h 1200kcal sehari, hanya makan 1200kcal (atau -200 untuk kurangkan berat badan). Pada hari yang u exercise, makan 1200kcal.

Jangan kurangkan makan sangat, nanti badan kita akan shock dan boleh sebabkan adverse effects. So, rajin-rajinlah kenali kalori makanan anda.


4 5 Foods and Drinks That Shouldnt Be Eaten for Breakfast Sugar Laden Cereal

Gula ialah shaitonnnn dalam makanan, terutama makanan yang tinggi glycemic index (GI). Air gula seperti juice, air soda is absolutely FORBIDDEN. Nada!

Pilih makanan yang rendah GI. Kalau nak guna manisan seperti gula melaka, honey, molases, maple syrup.

Simple carbs pun elakkan. Ini termasuklah roti putih, nasi putih, roti canai. Makan: roti wholemeal/ wholewheat, capati, beras perang.

Nak elakkan hidden sugar? Makan makanan yang natural. Avoid processed foods.


Ini makanan yang digoreng dengan minyak yang banyak.Banyangkanlah makanan tu akan serap minyak-minyak tu semua. Senang-senang je tambah lemak dalam badan kita. Ayam goreng, pisang goreng, keropok, donut. No- Elakkan makan.

Memangla nampak sodap kan ayam KFC tu, tapi percayalah, bila dah lama sangat tak makan makanan goreng, sekali bila makan balik, perut jadi tak selesa. 

So, kalau pagi-pagi keje makan donut tu, silalah ubah ok.

4. Jaga portion, makan makanan seimbang.webmd_photo_of_healthy_portions_on_plate

The size of our fist is a good indication of our correct portion. Nasi ke, daging ke, ikut size penumbuk sendiri. Banyakkan sayur/fibre.

5.  Eat small 5 meals a day. (3 main meals 2 snacks)

Maksudnya, 3 kali makanan utama dengan 2x snek. Makanan utama tu jangan la besar gunung nau. Ikut portion tu. In-between meals, kalau lapar cari snek yang berkhasiat. Raw nuts (segenggam sahaja), fruits, kurma, healthy smoothies. Boleh je.

Lagipun, bila kita tak terlalu lapar, takdelah kita nak melahap makan kan. Jangan sekali-kali skip meals, kekerapan makan sangat penting untuk maintain metabolisme rate ok.

Ibu menyusu: Boleh ikut tips di atas, tapi kalau asyik lapar, snek tu boleh dilebihkan sikit. Contoh, 2 biji apple/ 2 biji mangga. Rajinkan minum air ye. Kalau tengah malam lapar, sediakan buah Apple / raw nuts dalam bilik. Jangan turun ke dapur buat maggi tengah malam. huhu

Ok, itu sahaja buat masa ni. Cuba dulu tips ni dan rasakan perubahan dalam masa seminggu, inshaAllah. Mula-mula mungkin agak sukar, lama-lama akan jadi kebiasaan, tak rasa apa pun. Ada soalan?

Ini semua basic je. Banyak lagi tips/hack ni. Contohnya, macammana nak include dalam daily life yang demanding ni? Ada yang berminat nak tahu ke?



Mar 27 2015

World Organic Makeup Review: My Newfound Love

I’ve always been a fan of natural and organic things. I’ve tried many, many commercial skin care growing up, but I found that the synthetic (and sometimes harsh, no matter how mild the formula is) tends to irritate or cause side effects when used after a certain period.

So I turned to natural skin care. I learned about the effects of the synthetic chemicals present in modern skin care and cosmetics. It is alarming to find how much chemicals that are being absorbed through our skin on daily basis, and some are even carcinogenic. It is no wonder how cancer statistics has increased over the years.  I’m not going to go into the details, but if you are interested, you can watch this video and be enlightened.

Okay moving on… Review time!


World Organic Introduction
I was introduced by The Hehs Lady, aka A’ishah Kamaludin.  I fell in love when I learned that they have 100% natural and certified organic makeup!

I’ve only known about natural skincare before, but makeup?? Wow. I’m amazed and so glad that I can use safe cosmetics.


So I first ordered a foundation. Love it! It feels so light on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

It is, however light to moderate coverage so it doesn’t really cover much. For someone who doesn’t wear makeup so much but would like a little bit of coverage or something, this is perfect. If I want more coverage, I just use my Bare Minerals concealer.

Since I love the foundation so much, I bought an eyeliner, lipstick and blusher, just so I will have my basic makeup set. Plus my old makeup.. Need to be replaced.



This is my must-have item. It is always with me wherever I go. And I always have a good eyeliner.


It comes in a tube and brush. It’s been such a long time since I used this kind of eyeliner. I usually use the liquid pen type. The brush is easy to work with and precise. So I got used to it pretty quickly. As with all liquid eyeliner, it takes some practice if you’re a liquid eyeliner virgin.

It is very pigmented, which is a surprise since it’s all natural. Yeah I’m sceptical like that. Lol. And it lasts just as long as a good long-lasting eyeliner! Which is a good thing.  I suspect it would last even longer when paired with my Urban Decay eye primer or perhaps just powder. It doesn’t smudge if at normal circumstances. This evening I was so sweaty in a train delay, and it held up well. Note that I wasn’t using any powder. Since i was so sweaty it did smudge when I purposely rubbed my eyes.



The main reason why I *need* this brand. I have sensitive skin so usually blusher will cause tiny bumps to appear on my face. So i only use blusher for special occasions. My skin reacts very well to natural products so I guess I’m safe. So, yeay to daily blusher!

Again, it is very pigmented and I only need to apply a tiny bit. It has a lovely shimmer to it but its very subtle when applied.  The only downside is it only lasts for 12months once opened. So I have to use it everyday to finish the tub. Lol.



I bought the Sahara colour and it’s love! It looks so natural. It is also buildable for more intense colour or you can just dab for subtle effect.

A colleague of mine tried it on and it also looks lovely on her.

What I love about this lipstick is that it feels so light. It doesn’t feel heavy like usual lipsticks do, which is why I hardly use lipstick. This lipstick feels more like a lip balm.

In terms of wearing, I guess it wears well. I still have some on my lips after a couple of hot drinks and dinner. It’s much better than my NYX. Plus, now I’m not worried if I’m eating my lipstick because the ingredients are safe. So yes, it’s a win!


My look today. Huhuhu malunyaaa mak selfie. :p  please excuse my skin imperfections, its that time of the month and I was under stress. :p

You can get your World Organic products at their http://worldorganic.com.my or consult one of their ambassador, The Hehs Lady. She’s lovely. 😍

Disclaimer: I bought all these products using my own money and I receive no gifts or payments for this review. It is my opinion.

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