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Aug 06 2013

Nak kena rotan ni

Since I installed a new stats plugin, I’m able to track where my hits are coming from. Just to gauge where my visitors come from, that’s all. Now, I have to admit, it’s funny how the most common search term is ‘bontot besar’.


Ish ish ish.. Bulan puasa tak habis lagi ni. Naughty naughty!!!


Oct 01 2012

Is it the new law of physics?

How is it possible that when I’m doing my assignment, or studying, it feels like 2 hours when it’s been just 20 minutes.

And then, peeing and grabbing a snack in my pantry, feels like ONE minute when it actually took me 10 minutes.



May 14 2012

membebel sorang-sorang.

Aisyah, jangan mengada nak give up. Lempang kang. *muka garang*

Feb 14 2012

City stroll

So, this week has been slow, but fun. Took a break from house hunting and went to Kak Wani’s house somewhere in Clayton last Sunday. She organised a lunch to gather all the students that just arrived.

Train ride, yeay!

from left: Amalina, Sara & Me

The weather was sunny, but the wind really helped to make it feel a little chilly

Later that night, we took a random walk to Flinders st and along yarra river. We had a daily ticket for the tram and train earlier, so we took the tram.

Stopped by at Swanston st. to get some fries and burger before walking to Flinders st.

Look at that! soo sinfully yummy!

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