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Apr 08 2012


I wish I could blog about something cool about my absence. Like I’ve been involved in some gangs or something, make me  look super badass like I own the world. yeaaah… *bad ass face*

But the truth is, I’ve been slammed with so many assignments. It’s final year degree in architorture, can’t expect much from me. And having a dictating lecturer, is only making it 100000x worse. So, I’m not going to bother you with my rants on how assignments are slowly killing me, and how Melbourne is just gettting boring by the day, in fact, I want to talk about intentions, specifically intention of learning about religion, or to put it simply (or more accurately), niat untuk tambah ilmu agama. Sounds like heavy topic hey?

I want to put forward that I’m no religion expert. In fact, there are so much for me to learn about my own religion.  My mum used to drag me to mosque so that I could listen to the preaching afterwards. Sometimes they talk about some interesting topics, and totally catch my attention, and other times it is just bloody boring. I’m lucky to have a sporting mum who doesnt mind me sleeping whenever its getting boring. Bottom line is, I do want to learn something, at least a bit by bit. And I’m always grateful for insightful and interesting preach but I can only be patient during those boring preaching for it has cost me time.

Anyway, I recently just watched this video and I must say I don’t agree with him at all. Basically he’s saying that he’s against those ustaz who are more entertaining in their preachings saying that they are making fun of Islam. It’s pure BS if you ask me. In my understanding, making fun of the religion is not taking it seriously or mocking the religion. Most youngsters that are not.. well, technically speaking, so pious, is not like they are ignorance, but they just cant find the proper channel that they can cope. If the ustaz gets too boring, using terms that we dont even understand, how do you expect the youngsters to stay interested?

In the end of the day, the audience just want to get some ‘ilmu. And if the ustaz isn’t capturing anybody’s attention, I don’t think anybody’s gonna learn anything. We all know that humans today have very short attention span (or is it just me?). Of course, as the audience, we should try to concentrate and be open as much as possible, but one can only take so much. So yeah, I think it’s good for  and important for preachings to be entertaining or charismatic (read: charismatic, not aggressive). Unfortunately, not everyone is born with good communication skills. So, if you know a good ustaz/ustazah coming to your town or on tv, seize that chance. Whatever it is, be ready to accept the ‘ilmu and if needed, do extensive research on it. Niat nak ilmu. okay?

May Allah bless us all. Amin.

p.s, My mum’s been asking me to post pictures of the Uni. Will try to spend some time for that! 😀