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Sep 05 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookiessssssss =D

I’m bored.

Actually, no. I’m supposed to do assignment. But I’m procrastinating since I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. haha. My sister and I went shopping this morning. Konon last minute raya shopping but we bought things that are unrelated to raya since we already got all the raya stuffs.


I know the picture above is not us shopping. But it was taken when I was driving on the fast lane to the mall. hahah. Nasib baik sempat pull out smart tag. -_-

Then, after feeling so suffocated by the mall getting more and more crowded as the hour passed by, we went home. We wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies that Eddie’s mum made. I had a taste of it, and it was super super scrumptious! However, I didn’t get the recipe from her, and I regret it. Asking Eddie to ask his mum takes forever, and I should’ve known. -__- So, I googled for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever, and found it. Though I altered it a bit by adding cream of tartar and a bit of cocoa powder for a bit of color.


Prepared the batter, and added the chocolate chips. Lots of em.


Scooped em on the pan. Bit by bit. We doubled the recipe so there was a lot of scooping and baking, and running to and fro from oven to scooping. The first 2 batches were very slightly burned (still delicious, and only mild burns smell on some). My mum came home just in time to be the saviour and reduce the oven’s temperature. That made me feel so dumb. haha. -___-

After almost 2 hours of hardwork and charms…


Voila! You have ’em cookies! Like magic. haha.

So, the cookies turned out very scrumptious. and crunchy too! Yeayness! My sisters love em lots, I do too, and I couldn’t stop eating ze cookies (like, seriously! hahah) eventho I think they’re a bit sweet for my liking. I’m very satisfied with the result! Although, I still wished I had Eddie’s mum’s recipe.

I don’t know why I’m blogging about baking. Not like it’s my first time. Well it is, for chocolate chip cookies, (without mum’s help, atleast).

yeay, as the official cookie monster, I have every right to steal the cookies from the cookie jar! rawrrrrr!


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