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Feb 14 2012

City stroll

So, this week has been slow, but fun. Took a break from house hunting and went to Kak Wani’s house somewhere in Clayton last Sunday. She organised a lunch to gather all the students that just arrived.

Train ride, yeay!

from left: Amalina, Sara & Me

The weather was sunny, but the wind really helped to make it feel a little chilly

Later that night, we took a random walk to Flinders st and along yarra river. We had a daily ticket for the tram and train earlier, so we took the tram.

Stopped by at Swanston st. to get some fries and burger before walking to Flinders st.

Look at that! soo sinfully yummy!

Then, we ate them at the promenade along the river. It was nice, the weather was a little chilly. There was a cafe nearby on the riverside next to the bridge and we could hear the music. It was pretty nice, althought we weren’t sure what was the language. I thought it was probably some Aussie’s indie musics. hehe.

I had some burger too, best of all, it’s 100% vegetarian burger yet it tasted exactly like a real meat!  Woot!

Melbourne’s i-city. Lol. Just kidding, those are just led lights. :p Shah Alam i-city is way better, they have a ferris  wheel with fancy led animation. But the architecture around here are  pretty cool and inspiring.

Actually, this is the whole reason we were here, to watch the fire show that comes out of the rectangle pillars along the front of the building. hahaha. So random, I know. It was just like those water fountain thing in front of KLCC or any mall in Malaysia, except it’s fire. But hey, we don’t have that in Malaysia, so I got curious, okay.Don’t judge me.  I got a video of it. Hahaha.

View across the river

So, we had fun strolling around the city that night. And since I was guilty of eating the burger so late at night, I took a walk home and Sara was kind enough to accompany it. It was a good 40mins walk home. We got home at around midnight.  🙂

Another random thing; this sushi is like super awesome. They’re well made and taste REALLY good! And, it’s also bigger and pretty cheap (relatively) so thats a plus. I wouldn’t mind eating them for the rest of the year! hahahaha. For those sushi lover out there, dont be shy to drool away! haha :p

Ahh, so yummy. I can’t get enough of their smoked salmon handroll sushi. *drooling*


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