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Jan 12 2012

[craft project] camera case!

I got a new camera just a few weeks ago, and been looking for a case since. But searches after, we couldn’t find something that could fit LX5 nicely, due to it’s protruding lens (contrary to normal digicam). So, finally, after Eddie’s suggestion, I made a case for it.

For the first time! hoho. It was quite hard for me to imagine how to do it (again, the lens), so I just went ahead and did some trial. I wanted to start with something really simple but it looked okay but not fun. So then I thought it’d look so cute if it looks like a camera! It’ll be fun to wear too!

I know, I know, not too proud on the workmanship, but my hand stitching did improve as I progressed this project. hahah

Yeay, buttons! They are the best!

It opens on top to allow the straps, finished with velcro closure. Gonna make a strap to attach the case to the camera strap so I won’t lose the case when I’m using the camera.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result. It looks fun, it’s cute. I love it. Surely, there are a lot of room for improvements. Ah, that’s just the reason to make more of felt crafts!

p.s, check out the original handmade camera case by Hine. super awesome.

p.p.s, check out ButtonPlanetEnt. They have extensive range of buttons and craft materials!


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