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Jan 02 2011


The engagement ceremony went well yesterday, despite the chaos that happened that morning and my friend, Asma who was supposed to do my makeup overslept and came half and hour late. Hahah. The guy’s side came at exactly 11 am and waited for a few minutes outside of the house before coming in. I was still rushing to get my tudung la whatever together and came down only to get immediately pulled into the room that was decorated (?).

I also had my cousin to take the pictures, and he’s no photographer, so,  pardon the quality.


Eddie's family, upon entering the house. His mum looks so cheerful. hehe


Eddie and his uncle. I think he wanted to just wait outside while the discussion was going on but I'm not sure who asked him to come in. and oh, thank god he shaved his mustache! hahahaha!

They first discussed about the mas kahwin, hantaran (if any) and also the date of the wedding. They also discussed about the terms and agreements about the engagement and if, god forbid, the engagement is broken.  So, the wedding date is gonna be on 16.7.11, insyaAllah. After that, it was time for the girl (me, ehem) to receive the ring as a symbol of agreement.


Eddie's mum, putting the ring on me. I was so nervous if the ring wont fit cause I gained some weight. Hahah.

4At this time, I couldn’t hold my laughter because my stupid awning bumped into her hands. It was so embarrasing but, oh well, what can I do. I’m not used to having awning over my head. hahahaha.


From left: My grandma, Eddie's mum, me and my mum.


Bersalaman before going back

Mum: Ni budak busuk ni dah makan ke belum?
Eddie: Oh shit, busuk ke aku?

left: Myra, me, Cindy. and Hazeryl, Danang, Blair


With some of my schoolmates, Zaki, Aiman, Azima, Asma, Syad, Dyana. There were more but they had to leave early for some reason.

After my friends left, which was exactly 3 hours after 11am, I went straight to my room and changed my dress. The satin fabric is so uncomfortable to wear when I’m sweating, so I know I needed to get out of the dress. Plus, I hate the Ariani hijab I was wearing. Mum said she didn’t know what to do with me. hahaha.

I felt really uneasy and embarrassed during the whole attention and the engagement thing so I wanted to run away to my friend’s sister’s wedding but mum thought it was inappropriate eventho my grandma thought otherwise. So, I locked myself up in my room while all the guests were still home and mum looking for me. yeah, I know, so immature of me.

After that, I went downstairs to have some of the chocolates and I felt better. hahaha. So, the rest of the photos are just me, goofing around with my family, and some others. hehe. All in all it was pretty nerve-wracking yet fun. I received so many gifts especially from my mum’s friends such as chocolates (lotsa them), cakes, and sweet delicacies. Thank you so much for everyone who came, the delightful gifts and wishes.

You know what else is cool about the engagement? This:




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