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Dec 26 2010

Engagement Prep; the room! or shall I say, the chair? or the DRESS?!

Sooooooooo my parents worked their ass off today! My dad was painting some parts of the house. Repainted some of the furnitures. Stuffs like that. It was pretty nice seeing the work being done and helping out *coughs*sort of*coughs*. haha. After my dad changed the light bulbs, mum asked me to take a few pictures in the room just to see how it’d look like in pictures.


Ta-da! hahah. Well, it’s really simple. I don’t want anything grand. But hmm don’t expect me to sit there awkwardly, alone and deserted. haha. That’s just for fun of taking pictures hokay. Make it nicer a lil’ bit. And the chair is actually garden chair. Or a wing chair (?), a bench, sitting place or whatever you want to call it. Mum made the cushion using cotton canvas fabric. Pretty awesome. We moved two big fake trees from the living to each side. But the proportion of the trees make the chair looks so small. haha. I pointed that out to my  mum and she said pictures shouldn’t include the trees and if I were going to take pictures with my friends, they can cover the trees. HAHAHA. Funny mum.

Costs: Curtains; ~RM60, Chair; RM375, Cushion RM12-RM20. Total: RM455. Hell yeah! (A dais could cost you RM750 and above)


That’s the dress I’m gonna wear for the engagement! hehe. I used embroidery net and satin as lining. As for the bottom part, I used chiffon and lined it with satin. The satin lining and embroidery net cost RM180 together with satin fabric for man’s baju melayu but since I didn’t get the man’s fabric, we got it at a price of RM130, and another RM58 for 2m chiffon. The chiffon makes the dress looks more flowy as you can see in the picture. I can’t wait to wear the dress! I got a lot of compliments from my friends and my relatives about the dress. yeaaay!

6LOL aida playing around. She’s holding a rose made out of soap she made herself. She’s so proud of it she brings it everywhere she goes, sniffing the soap scent. hahaha


another shot of her! hehe

Will update more about the engagement. Oh uh, my blog is turning into a wedding prep blog! hahah. oh, it’s just one week until the engagement day?! I haven’t got my teeth whitened yet! Been procrastinating that since last year! LOL

oh yea, here’s the sketch I did when I designed the engagement dress. Please ignore the shoes. I’m terrible at drawing shoes. haha


ok bye.


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