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Sep 24 2012

F*ck everything.

*Please be advised that this post as suggested by its title contains a lot of cursing and vulgar words. May not be suitable for everyone.*

Found out my exam is going to finish within 3 days once the exam week starts.

All three exams, in three fucking days, CONSECUTIVELY.

Apparently all of them needs thorough revision, all fucking 23 topics, on two of them, and about 11 topics on one of them.

And I have a week to study them all.

Is my Uni fucking kidding me? Is this somekind of a joke? I god trying to fuck my life???

I’m not good with exams, seriously I’m not. I hate it so much I want to burn everything down to the ground.

It’s already bad enough I couldn’t choose the subjects for this semester because I’m a fucking transfer student and I end up taking some fucking bullshit subject about fucking geology. So, really, this is like the breaking point for me.

I sooo hope I’m not gonna fail. I’ll be happy if I manage to even pass. Cause if I fail, there’s no way in hell I’m repeating any of this shit.

Trust me, I’m trying very hard to turn the table around. I want to show these motherfuckers I can do this.

Yeah, so I may have to allocate atleast one hour a day to study one topic for each subject. With all my Studio going on. On top of that, my studio is not looking very good right now.

Atleast it’ll be over 3 weeks earlier than I thought. Something to look forward to.



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