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Jun 05 2010

final project, and lots more.

A week prior to presentation day.

Yes, I’ve been missing for quite a while. and I’m still very much alive. hoho. So, the week before my Studio 1 final project was really hectic. I spent  four days doing my model only to realize the measurements were so messed up I couldn’t even assemble the pieces, and re-doing the model was the only worthy thing to do.

So, after I realized I only had exactly less than 48 hours to do my model AND presentation board, I spent about 2 hours of my time panicking in the middle of the night. Out of desperation, I called a few of friends to come over and help me. To cut the story short, Syad, Syida helped me with the site model. Eddie and Mediha helped me with the model. On Thursday, which was the submission day, I was very much behind, so much, that Eddie was willing to take an emergency leave to come over and help finish the model.  My mum and my sister helped as well. A million thanks to them for all the help and support. Love them much!

In short, it was really really hard for me. There was always something else that happened to make the whole process… challenging. There was lots of sweat, tears and burns, literally. I even fell sick for a day and a half while I was working on it and it sucked, yeah. I even almost gave up cause I  thought my design was really bad. haha.

Presentation Day.


on wall: A0 presentation board. on table: 1:100 study models, sketches compilations, drawings, portfolio, and 1:50 final model

I wasn’t quite confident about my design, but I tried to console myself. Forced other people to tell me that I’m awesome (haha) and after a few jumping jacks outside of the classroom, I regained a bit confidence and presented. In the end,  I did quite well, I think. One of the critiques liked my design and she said that my design was quite mature and that I’ve put a lot of thoughts into it.  Coming from her, I do feel it’s quite a big compliment and I’m so glad. 🙂


Click to enlarge. 🙂

I’m pretty much proud of it. Whatever the grades turn out to be, so be it. I gave my best (tho I know there’s always a room for more).

Oh, and in case if you’re curious, the house is based on the concept of Illusion of Vertigo. Basically I was trying to make the house to act like an adrenaline rush generator. It’ll be located on the edge of a sea cliff and it’s gonna be really exhilarating to be in the house.

Okay, now, let’s move on.

After the presentation day, I’ve been spending my time going out with my sister. I bought a Pattern Making for Fashion Designers book and it’s been really helpful for my recent project, though it’s only a shift dress but it’s satisfying the fact that I drafted everything myself. hehe.


my sister, Arina


me, a little koo-koo. as always.

I wanted to put a sneak preview of my newly sewn dress but the pictures turned out blurry so… no peek-a-boo. sorry! and.. err… don’t ask me why I’m putting up the pictures instead. haha. ok bye.

pssst, I’m currently in Port Dickson at the moment. Aida wanted to go to the beach so my dad made a last-minute short trip here. lol.

and I accidentally disabled commenting. WTF. grrr…


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