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May 13 2010

FREE Wifi on Train

Hello handsome guys and pretty girls out there. Yes, even if you are ugly by the standard society’s perception, know that you’re beautiful inside. Actually, you are automatically handsome people by just reading this post.

What makes you even more sexy is when you help me do a favor for NoktahHitam to fill in the survey. Don’t be afraid to be part of this country’s journey towards the greater good. *insert thumbs up here*

You may fill in the form below.

Please spread this link, tell your friends, post it on you Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook,  Friendster, Myspace, spam people’s Formspring, email bunch of people, blackmail ’em or whatever, just spread it. We’re looking for one thousand votes here! http://bit.ly/dmNjJW

Don’t you want free Wifi on train?  You know you want it. Come ooooonnnn 😉

p.s, Funny how the word free, when capitalized makes it instantly sound like an advertisement. =P


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