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Jan 01 2012

Genting, and LX5

Few days ago, Eddie bought Lumix LX5. It’s pretty awesome point-and-shoot  I’d say. The colours are nice, and it’s very easy to use. Although, like many point-and-shoot, I don’t know how to make the flash work. It just spoils everything.

Anyway, we decided to bring the camera to our Genting trip. It was supposed to be a family outing, but many couldn’t make it as it was the weekdays. So we only went there with Eddie’s lil bro, Edzrin.

I wish I could show comparison with 60D but I don’t have the cable to transfer the photos. Will edit this soon, then. But hey, it’s decent quality if you don’t compare it with dSLR right?

Anyway, another thing I’ve missed about point-and-shoot, is the ability to CAMWHORE. yeaaahhh!

I was very excited to ride the Corkscrew but unfortunately, we went there at the wrong time. The weather condition was pretty bad. The fog was thick and a lot of thrill rides were closed. So we had to fill our time with the family rides while waiting for the thrill rides. 

As the weather caught us by surprise, we went inside and had early lunch at Burger King. We did stroll around the indoor theme park and checked out the stores.

LX5’s indoor shoot is decent.


..and we  had some fun games. It was really fun especially for the boys and they wanted to play more, but I had to stop them from losing too much money. haha. We did win three little (very little) dolphins though.

Antique car ride was nice..

Space shot, although not my first time, was still scary but very very fun!


…london bus was heavy.

We had a lot of time, so we didn’t feel like we had to rush here and there for the rides.


Even the harmless dinasour boat ride was closed. The weather was that bad, and in that photo, we were actually freezing.

Anyway, we had so much fun on that day. The corkscrew (roller coaster) opened last minute at 6.15pm. I must say it was the peak of the trip. Everybody clapped and soared when it was finally opened. Edzrin and I queued there since 5.45pm and it was worth it as they gave us double ride consecutively! Some of the people in the queue was not so happy, but hey, we waited atleast 15mins more than them, so I think it was well deserved. hoho :p

It’s just a shame, they don’t maintain the theme park properly. A lot of things look very run down. They don’t seem to care as long as they are making profits. It would help if they could just repaint the walls, and clean up the windows.