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Apr 24 2010

Girls and fart.

I am wearing a facial mask as I’m typing this to restore my skin radiant. Of course, blogging has nothing to do with a facial mask. But I’ve been feeling ugly lately and the facial mask pack claims that it’s supposed to make me look beautiful. Oh well.

Anyway, fart. yes. We all know its rude and embarrassing for a girl to fart, unlike ’em boys who have the luxury to fart and scratch their bums in public without being judged. No need to go through that. We girls can’t do that and get away with it. So, ever wonder why girls “do not” fart? Well, reality, guys. As a person, a human being, homo sapiens, we do fart, unfortunately.

We were outside a mosque, after prayers, mum, brother and I, waiting for dad to get the car.

Mum: Oh.. I just farted.

She said in a relieved tone.

Me: How do you always manage to do it discreetly?

Mum: The art of farting takes years of experience, my dear.

Me: I see.

One day, I hope I’ll be able to fart subtly. Just like my mum.

Anyways, I just wanna say, to all girls out there, don’t hold your fart. An average fart per day is about 16 times. Hold it long enough, you’ll explode by the end of the day.  You may apologize after you fart. Otherwise, you could learn to do it discreetly. I know I can’t. and my friends know too. hahahaha

Just a word of advice. If you know you have a bad stomach ache, don’t fart in public. Run for the toilet. You might get surprised of the things that could come with the series of smelly fart. You know you’ve been through that. ahahaha

Oh oh, the facial mask. Is it working? Do I look pwetteyh????

and yeah, I shouldn’t have smiled. It took me a great deal of effort to smile in that okay! haha



  • Aisyah Post author


  • hahahaha
    art of fart?
    baru ka?

  • malas dah nak comment. tadi tulis panjang2 kene telan

  • tell us when you mastered it. uhu.

  • remember cameron? remember “PPPFFFFFTTTTTTTT”? remember “did i just farted”? HAHAHA

  • hehe, in my room, I can fart with liberty.. to the loudest of how a fart can be.. its good to be a boy.. yeah!

  • lol, art of farting. it takes years to learn. sounds like your mom is a ninja.

  • my opinion

    hi aisyah,
    I agree with you 100%. Farting is an art. I remember receiving an email not so long ago about all the different types of farts. I wish I still had the email. That is something that we could share e.though we dont even know each other.really, different types of farting show different types of peo.- meaning, e.g, a highly confident person who doesnt care about what other peo. think may be able to fart out loud in front of other peo. on the other hand, a shy person may try to control the loudness of his/her fart by letting it out little by little, etc…
    there is more to it, but, it’s late. so, good night!

  • Who says females can’t fart in public? Just do it quietly.

    In fact, the boys pun kentut cover2 gak in public. We surely know if anyone hears the sound of a fart, we’ll get that awkward, disgusting stare.

    Bila dah kawen je bleh share, see who has smellier fart, the wife or the hubby. Or when you have a good bofriend. =)

    • Aisyah Post author

      haha fart in public here means loud and clear. LOL. oh, guys too? I know a few guys who fart in public, (as long as its not a formal event, i.e. an ongoing class, conference, meeting) and they do it, loud and proud. haha. ouh, if dah kawen and then tahan lagi susah la hidup duk menahan je hahaha

      • I once was in a supposedly-2-hours class, when one of my friend farted. The smell was outstandingly horrible.

        The class lasted only 10 minutes. Thanks mate!

        Dah kawen pun kena menahan lagi, baik tayah kawen. So before getting married, be sure to indulge our partner’s worst fart first. Just so we’re ready for the worst nightmare. Especially when you share the bed together. =)

        • Aisyah Post author

          HAHA are you serious? dang, someone should fart like that in the boring Autocad class then. or building services. hahah.

          umm if we indulge first, wouldn’t it kill all the mystery? it’d be quite thrilling to discover how terrifying our partner’s fart can be. hahaha =P

  • Interesting topic aisyah. But the fact that average ppl farted 16 times a day could be questionable. I’ve met someone who broke that record..b.e.l.i.e.v.e

  • terkejut badak kejap dengan gambar tu. hehe 🙂


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